With my prehensile cilia, I swept the following crapola from the gel:

  • loop by Joel (long gone): "See Loop." Uh, Beavis? That's recursion.

  • Psychedelia by Wrabhit (never): "see psychadelic" No, no, no. Die, die, die. "See foo", but with a misspelled "foo". Wonderful. And "psychedelic" isn't really a synonym for "psychedelia" anyway; one's a noun, the other's an adjective.

  • plug-and-play by Wrabhit: "You plug it into the computer, then pray." No hardlinks. There's a softlink to "Plug-and-Pray" right there on the node. Bye.

  • set by booger: "see also set the card game". Nope, we don't do "see foo" writeups here. I notified the user.

  • Shinjuku-eki by manteo (fled): "See Shinjuku Station."

For the studio audience, nothing is harmed when you kill a writeup belonging to a user who has never logged into this website. You're just decrementing an integer that nobody cares about. And you're not eating it anyway.

In support of Lord Brawl's delightful rant: If it costs nothing to lose a writeup, why not just spew out anything that pops into your head? If it lives, so much the better; if it dies, who cares? Without the XP penalty, we'd be killing dozens more writeups than we are now. We've got our hands full as it is. There's no harm in encouraging users to do their own quality control.

Furthermore, my experience has been that most noders are philosophical about it. I notify them, and they reply saying "Yeah, I kinda knew that one was iffy" or words to that effect. They probably don't enjoy it, but they're bright people and they understand that you can't always have it your own way. I've had writeups killed myself. One of the very first writeups I did was killed, with penalty, while it was still in New Writeups. You know what? I survived the experience. There is the occasional maniac who goes berserk, but those are rare.

Of course, I am an "authority figure" in a limited way; maybe they're more angry than they let on. I have no way of knowing that. I wish I could know.