16:35 EET

A very slow day today. Which is just what I could use, being monday and all. Sort of a soft landing to 4 days of work and stress. Yes, technically it's 5 - but in my book Friday belongs to the weekend with no exceptions.
The only thing which might be causing some sweaty palms is the 8-month-project, currently being discussed in the client company. It it becomes a reality, money won't be no object standing on the way of my trip to Nihon. If it folds.. No, I'm not going to think about that at all.

Carrols has done it again. Everything is on a 25% discount, and resisting the temptation on my way home will most likely equal Mission: Impossible. Sometimes I get the feeling the chain is a part of a conspiracy promoting obesity amongst all of us in order to sell all those diet products you see on infomercials. And I for one don't need any help in that - the getting-fat-part that is.

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