Selmasongs is Björk's seventh album, being also songs from the recent film Dancer in the Dark for which she composed the entire soundtrack.

Released September 18, 2000:

  1. Overture
  2. Cvalda
  3. I've Seen It All
  4. Scatterheart
  5. In the Musicals
  6. 107 Steps
  7. New World

"Selmasongs" differs from the film in a number of ways:

  • "Scatterheart" (previously called Smith & Wesson is "censored" -- it would tell the entire story if not)
  • "In the Musicals" has its two parts merged and is completely sung by Miss B
  • "I've Seen It All" is a duet with Thom Yorke instead of the swedish guy who plays that character
  • "The Next To Last Song" (in between "107 Steps" and "New World") can't be put out -- if you see the film, you'll understand

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