eating steak (cut in little circles...) with evevning primrose oil for dipping in a basement with 3 strange older men, Steve is one of them, but he is much older, michaelangelo is there too... but he leaves to go talk about gambling to some man in a booth, and his steak gets cold. The 3rd man disappears..

i walk down a hallway, that is the hallway to my elementary school, but it has soooo many more doorways than it ever did before...

there is this church, someone is getting married down the hall, so i park my volkswagen bug (maroon) and do a semi-poor park job... the women gawk at me as i run away from the church.. telling me that i will regret my park job later...

Tracy and a bunch of women are there... calling me Satan and saying that I am scary... they are yelling at me because i do not need a man. They are yelling and screaming insults. Tracy says some things that are wicked with her sharp tongue, i run down the hallway back again, away from those people... She says how do you think you will ever GET anyone? I Screamed, "you IDIOT! you can never HAVE ANYONE! ALL YOU HAVE IS YOURSELF! MORON GIRL!" They all hate me, and it feels good. Then Tracy runs after me.. i scamper down the hall to go retreive paino music that isn't mine that I have to return... and then Tracy is behind me, and glares at the back of my neck, and slams a door and disappears.. I run off to go back to the cirucular steak dinner in the basement with a wet cement floor and the smell of mildew. Steve is there, and i drop something. He asks if he can have his pony tail holder back, i give him the brown pony tail holder. it was all about his pony tail holder. All this pain.

"i wanna know why the monsters that hurt you don't look like those things that we battled so long ago" -Belly, Theif
My roommate yells at me to join a frat with her, I am a girl. She sais
exactly, join a frat so she can meet guys.
I go to a weird geek frat rush. I join one, it turns ot to be The Pit from the movie PCU.

We spend all day puting beef jerkies into people's suitcases.

I wake up a lot cause some freshmen on out floor got piss drunk (it's monday night!!!!!!!).

I go back to sleep, I am dressed like I used to in high school, ripped fishnets, orange hair. Someone gives me spare change, I bite them....

The party ends. I start walking home across College Park. Suddenly all the street lights go out and all is dark. I can't see a thing. My lighter is being a bitch and won't light. So, I keep walking until I bump into something. It yells HEY! Just who do you think you are? I start running. I hear footsteps behind me.
Suddenly I am in a forest, but all is still dark. I hear people talking ahead of me, and see some lights. I run towards them, and get caught in a wooden maze. I find 3 small children in the maze. They are sobbing and crying for their mothers. They follow me around the maze a little while. Eventually, I find a weak spot in the wall of the maze and smash through. The children all run away. Again, I see the lights ahead of me. I walk towards it. 3 parents are out looking for their children. They show me a path out of the forest, but it is into a sewer pipe.
A sign post is near the sewer pipe. Germantown to the left, Death to the right. I think I don't want to go home to Germantown. I go to the left anyway. It is pitch black in the sewer. And it doesn't smell too nice either. I hear the rats scuttle away at my approach. I run into a wall, a wall I remember from when I was a little kid in Germantown. I jump up to climb over the wall.
My alarm wakes me up.
Add this one to the you know you've been on E2 too long file..

Normal snippets of my life. I walk around, doing the usual normal things I do. However, for some reason, I can't seem to do anything right. Words come out of my mouth badly. I insult almost everyone I meet. I can't seem to get anyone access to the network. I cut myself multiple times on computer cases. Everytime I do something stupid, out of the corner of my eye, I see words. I look really quickly, but they keep eluding me. The last time I do something stupid (I tell my friend that I mention in my August 31, 2000 daylog what I really think of what he did) I just look, with my right eye, at the edge of my sight. There, it says:

You have (number withheld) cool(s) left today.
You have (number withheld) votes left today.
Ack! You lost experience!
you have (number withheld) points until level (number withheld)
you have (number withheld) writeups until level (number withheld)

It took me all morning to figure out the imagery my head had stored. I'm going to go to work now....(head shake....head shake...)
Being as this is my first dream log you will all get to see the inanity that comes over me while sleeping. I will cut through my various E2 oriented dreams (yes they do happen now) and go straight to the main feature.

My band of faithful rebels and I have just been captured by the king's troops and are being led to a conference that will decide our fates. We stop at a large, fancy doorway and the king comes out to face us. After being scolded relentlessly for whatever it is that we have done I leap forward and somehow manage to kill the king with my bare hands. Following this triumph, my small group of followers attack the guards and, instead of leaving, we run gallantly into the palace.

Naturally, we are captured once more and are brought before the brand new ruler, Mao Zedong (?), for judgement. Most of my group are banished to different countries or forced to pay fines, but I, along with several others, am sentenced to death by walking the plank. Mao leaves the room and I plot with my remaining friends on how to change his mind. He returns and we flood his mind with flattery and gifts that have materialized from various holes in the wall. Mao is pleased and a chorus starts singing songs about spring and rebirth and we are led out of the palace through a walkway of flowers and trumpeting courtiers.

This is a typical dream for me.

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