Being as this is my first dream log you will all get to see the inanity that comes over me while sleeping. I will cut through my various E2 oriented dreams (yes they do happen now) and go straight to the main feature.

My band of faithful rebels and I have just been captured by the king's troops and are being led to a conference that will decide our fates. We stop at a large, fancy doorway and the king comes out to face us. After being scolded relentlessly for whatever it is that we have done I leap forward and somehow manage to kill the king with my bare hands. Following this triumph, my small group of followers attack the guards and, instead of leaving, we run gallantly into the palace.

Naturally, we are captured once more and are brought before the brand new ruler, Mao Zedong (?), for judgement. Most of my group are banished to different countries or forced to pay fines, but I, along with several others, am sentenced to death by walking the plank. Mao leaves the room and I plot with my remaining friends on how to change his mind. He returns and we flood his mind with flattery and gifts that have materialized from various holes in the wall. Mao is pleased and a chorus starts singing songs about spring and rebirth and we are led out of the palace through a walkway of flowers and trumpeting courtiers.

This is a typical dream for me.