The party ends. I start walking home across College Park. Suddenly all the street lights go out and all is dark. I can't see a thing. My lighter is being a bitch and won't light. So, I keep walking until I bump into something. It yells HEY! Just who do you think you are? I start running. I hear footsteps behind me.
Suddenly I am in a forest, but all is still dark. I hear people talking ahead of me, and see some lights. I run towards them, and get caught in a wooden maze. I find 3 small children in the maze. They are sobbing and crying for their mothers. They follow me around the maze a little while. Eventually, I find a weak spot in the wall of the maze and smash through. The children all run away. Again, I see the lights ahead of me. I walk towards it. 3 parents are out looking for their children. They show me a path out of the forest, but it is into a sewer pipe.
A sign post is near the sewer pipe. Germantown to the left, Death to the right. I think I don't want to go home to Germantown. I go to the left anyway. It is pitch black in the sewer. And it doesn't smell too nice either. I hear the rats scuttle away at my approach. I run into a wall, a wall I remember from when I was a little kid in Germantown. I jump up to climb over the wall.
My alarm wakes me up.