September 18, 2000
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Feel, o dem bones the editorial undulations coursing through the nodegel. Your servants swim swiftly, culling and cooling infintely faster than the speed of page refresh. The deep pounding rhythms of noding swings throughout the nodegel like Gene Krupa's solo in Sing Sing Sing. The rising of a node carried up through the gel by an editor in its cilia to the Page of Cool is like Benny Goodman's top A on clarinet just before Jess Stacey's riverboat stride begins, the voting that follows the nesting of the node in the honeycomb. Here and there nodeshells pop and relax back into freegel. All is well.

Passing back through the Crypt to become freegel:

  • I hate your hair by miravelle. By request.
  • I hate your hair by broken77. Blank wu.
  • Fetchmail by indigo. Linkless Nov. 13, 1999 node by a fled user.
  • simple economics by plonk plonk. Requested by DMan as pointless and slanderous.
  • what the hell, i'm seeing a married woman. then again, that's not a felony. :) by Ground Control. Suggested by wharfinger. At -6.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by Crux. Suggested by Jinmyo. At -9.
  • There are too many unoriginal people out am I for thinking this was an original idea by spamcracker. By request.
  • blaspherific by sane guy. By request.
  • What do guys think of girls with their belly button pierced? by purpusful.

Ever so slyly, I stabbed them with my poisoned umbrella. Scotland Yard was perplexed.

  • dr.badass (never seen on E2):

    • Small things amuse large minds: The author wants to tell us that he has a large mind. It's good that all these kids are so eager to tell us how smart they are, because otherwise we'd never even suspect it.

    • nuclear proliferation: " 'Are you cooking?' 'No.' 'Are you stockpiling nuclear weapons?' 'NO,NO,NO,What gives you that idea?' 'Is That A Banana In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?' "

      A lot of users believe that aimless, incoherent jabber qualifies as "humor" or "creativity". Just for the record, there's more to it than that, unless your audience is stoned or sleep-deprived.

  • clinicly insane by a life in hell (last seen in July): The author informs us that he forgot to take his medication and that his writeups "suck". I applaud his honesty.

  • argippa12, argippa, argippa9, argippa10, argippa6, argippa7, argippa8, argippa3, argippa4, argippa5, argippa2 by drew23 (Never seen on E2): Empty writeups. The text in his home node amounts to "I'm working on it". I've heard that one before.

    drew23 did a whole series of /argippa[0-9]+/ writeups. I've found one that wasn't empty (argippa11), and it vaguely reminded me of some art thing, of some kind, somewhere, entitled "Agrippa". I can't pin it down, but is this ringing a bell for anybody else? Might there be some significance here? (Even if so, it still needs a title edit.) For that reason, I'm only killing the empty ones, even though argippa11 makes very little sense. argippa11 is drew23's only remaining writeup.

    See Editor Log: September 18, 2000 for the gripping conclusion: Thank you WWWWolf, thank you Pseudo_Intellectual, good-bye forever drew23.

  • Jeffrey Arnold by drew23: "He'll have to write this one himself. president of analogue.networks". Yeah, keep us posted.

  • analogue.networks by drew23: "Mythical networking company developing Internet 3. Brainchild of Jeffrey Arnold". I can't find any evidence that this company exists, and there's not enough there to be entertaining if it doesn't.

  • F the Genlist by drew23: An undergraduate in-joke which seems to have been related to the above two writeups.

  • by Sir Norris: He created it "by accident" (hm?), and he's sure that there's a node about Slashdot somewhere here. I /msg'd him. Another example of his artistry may be seen in (more).

  • Save me from the borg by Robert25: The author was borged. He doesn't like to be borged. He suggests that new users try to avoid being borged. It's good advice, and here's some even better advice: Don't node stuff like this.

Nodeshells to Nuke:

I've also /msg'd many noders about many errors, dispensed some advice which may have been good, greeted a newbie with open arms and the readme, hovered like a dark cloud 'til my hoverer was sore, and thanked Seqram for noding well (even if he did do that really long goofy Welsh URL node, he's done some real good stuff too).

{Miles Filippelli}, {your daddy}, {Daisy Miller} /msg ian1 {Fishthrower} needs more content, and it needs hardlinks. At the very least, tell us what a {fishthrower} is. Please read {Read Me First: Getting Started on E2} before you go further. Feel free to ask questions. kill the first two writeups in {noone}. morons... /msg Jack_Black In {Mordheim}, it's spelled "{pewter}"; the middle 'e' doesn't belong there.

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