September 18, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Feel, o dem bones the editorial undulations coursing through the nodegel. Your servants swim swiftly, culling and cooling infintely faster than the speed of page refresh. The deep pounding rhythms of noding swings throughout the nodegel like Gene Krupa's solo in Sing Sing Sing. The rising of a node carried up through the gel by an editor in its cilia to the Page of Cool is like Benny Goodman's top A on clarinet just before Jess Stacey's riverboat stride begins, the voting that follows the nesting of the node in the honeycomb. Here and there nodeshells pop and relax back into freegel. All is well.

Passing back through the Crypt to become freegel:

  • I hate your hair by miravelle. By request.
  • I hate your hair by broken77. Blank wu.
  • Fetchmail by indigo. Linkless Nov. 13, 1999 node by a fled user.
  • simple economics by plonk plonk. Requested by DMan as pointless and slanderous.
  • what the hell, i'm seeing a married woman. then again, that's not a felony. :) by Ground Control. Suggested by wharfinger. At -6.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by Crux. Suggested by Jinmyo. At -9.
  • There are too many unoriginal people out am I for thinking this was an original idea by spamcracker. By request.
  • blaspherific by sane guy. By request.
  • What do guys think of girls with their belly button pierced? by purpusful.