The Everything Olympiads are the culmination of the will of humanity to know all. In it, noders from around the world join together to compete not as nations or ideologies, but as individuals. The IEOC promotes the ideals of Everything Unity through the Games and passes on the torch of hope to future generations that they too shall join us.

Guidelines for the Everything Olympics (second draft)

The Everything Olympics would take place once a year. Games competitors would be chosen by the EBUs and the Gods prior to each Olympics, taking into account a noder's noding quality, reputation on Everything2, and strength of character. They would then announce the competitors in News for Noders.

Each Games would begin in a ceremony in the Chatterbox where nate or a representative of nate would declair the games open, and the Anthem of the Everything Olympics shall be sung. The noders shall then comence competition.

Competiton will involve the creation of writeups in verious catagories, including (this list may be altered at any time)

  • Political
  • Music
  • Fiction
  • Historical
  • Everything Culture
  • Scientific
The competitors would be given a specific amount of time, to be detemined by that Games judges, to add a writeup. After this amount of time the competition in that node would be closed and the judges would evaluate the node. The top three writeups would be awarded prizes like so:

The Judges would keep track of scores and post them in News for Noders. After all competitions have been completed, the Judges would tally up scores. The title of Champion of the Everything Olympics would be given to the person with the highest over-all score.

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