The area of North London around Holloway Road, which runs from Highbury & Islington in the south-east up to Archway at the north-west. Most famous for its women's prison, it also has a Tube station, a cinema, a dole office, lots of continental grocers, and a whole lot of people. Gangs of bootleg cigarette salesmen hawk their wares up and down Holloway Road, keeping an eye out for police and potential customers.

Arsenal Football Club will be moving to Holloway - in particular Ashburton Grove, which formerly housed much of the bureaucracy of Islington Council - once their new stadium is finished. The move from Highbury has been greeted with mixed feelings by their fans and local residents, but everyone is glad that at least they didn't move to Milton Keynes or anything like that.

There is much more about Holloway in the Personal Holloway node.

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