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Hi, I am 16 years old and am called Robert, Robert25 for everything2 though.

I live in Norwich in the UK, I attend the CNS school where i am doing A-levels. In my spare time i enjoy Computing, Football, BMX riding and noding on E2.

Node to xp ratio 8.2 Figure added on 1st October 2000, might even get updated one day

Bikeboy rides a haro 540 air BMX and i ride a HUFFY half ton BMX..... mine is better....hahhahahahahhhahaha

Well My Birthday is on the 17th of August, I was born in 1984,

ok so it is a duff year but as social_inadequate said it was the year which entitled a great book written by George Orwell, generally about the future and everyone being watched by a kind of Big Brother.

The only good thing i can see from being born in 1984 is it means i am at the right age to watch some great cartoons, for example, The Thundercats, Transformers, Bravestar, and other programmes like Thunderbirds.

Well I can't say i am completely happy about the year i was born but all those great TV programmes made it that little bit better.