My birthday, my birthday, my biririrthday!

I've reached the quarter-century mark. One-third of my life over according to the current life expectancy data. Though I hope that changes in my lifetime.

I remember picking on a friend in college because he turned twenty, calling him old. Seems like so long ago...

Got Civilization II: Test of Time (PC) for the computer. Addiction returns anew...

Dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy.

No Internet connection until 17:30. My dad got a chainsaw so the tree is going a little faster. It kinda ripped up our water pipe when it fell so we're trying to get it uncovered without breaking it. Still lots of flooding and no power in Greenville and maybe not for 3 more days. Went to Golden Corral for lunch. (Different one from before)

September 17, 1999,September 19, 1999

P.S. Happy B-Day, Saige. Getting old, eh? :-)

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