"Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable"

The first Golden Corral steakhouse opened in Fayetteville, NC in 1973. They're easily the most predominate steakhouse in North Carolina and perhaps all over the U.S. Their buffets are usually pretty good, and I really like the clam chowder; it doesn't taste like clam (yuck), unlike some restaurants. :-)

From goldencorralrest.com: "Golden Corral" " Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable" " Golden Choice Buffet" " The Brass Bell Bakery" are registered trademarks of Golden Corral Corporation "almost too good to believe" is a trademark of Golden Corral Corporation

Honestly, also one of the best places to people watch. If you wanted to find everything stereotypical and awful about MURICA outside of a WalMart, Golden Corral is your place.

My wife said I had to experience the place at least once, so off we went. We pulled up to the suburban mall it was attached to, and I parked quite far from the entrance, in fact, I had to. But in so doing I got to enjoy multiple greasy-haired rednecks with no discernible necks fighting gravity to get out of their cars angry that their handicapped parking sticker was of no use, since the many of the vehicles in the lot were similarly adorned, and only four could get those coveted spots where you only had to pause twice for breath before getting inside.

The entrance was quite roomy, in fact, it allowed for many people to gather before the hostess station, which doubled as a cash register. You paid in advance and got your cup when you paid for the soda. Because nothing says MURICA like people trying to duck out of paying for part of an all you can eat buffet.

The food piles glistened with either high fructose corn syrup or oil. Everything was deep fried or otherwise made to be as calorie-bomb as possible, and the straining chairs were proof.

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