Someone noted today that Stanislav Petrov passed away. I read it in the catbox and wondered who this person was, so I popped on over. I think I had read this node some time in the past, but since the gentleman passed away today, it was a good reminder that there are some folks we as a species need to remember and celebrate. We would all be glowing and mutating as I write this if this gent didn't use a cool head and prevent the fall of humanity.

I collected 337 nodeshell and interesting node names to write about for the Iron Noder challenge in November. Please let me know if there are any you'd like me to take a crack at in my quest for Adamantium level.

I was surprised nobody really noded about Lester Dent besides an older 1999-style post, plus there was no node about his famous formula. I was able to plug both of those since they were too important to wait to fill in November. Thanks to Jet-Poop for upgrading his node on Doc Savage.

For my MFA classes, I'm waiting on the results of the final assignments. I'm hoping they also get top marks and I get straight 100's on all three graduate classes I took this quarter. I certainly could use some good news. I sold another short story, so now I'm waiting on the contract. It's a piece I wrote for one of my classes on science fiction. Might as well get some additional use out of my homework.

Today's node recommendations are Doc Savage by Jet-Poop and PTSD update 2017: hope by lizardinlaw.

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