Paula Yates - Conducted interviews on and in her cowspreadcovered bed on the set of The Big Breakfast. She wore nice sandals during the summer and had nice shins. People liked to talk with her and she sometimes wore her hair in tufted pig tails.

She married Bob Geldof wearing a long dramatic red gown.

I was shocked to see the headline of her death at this morning. It's a sad thing to lose your mother. It's a shame she was so sad she had to die.
Paula Yates was only 40 when she died. She became famous in the 80s for the ground-breaking music show The Tube, which she co-hosted, often wearing rubber, with Jools Holland. She also produced the hilariously tacky book Rock Stars in their Underpants, which Andy Warhol called the most important book of the decade. She left behind 3 children with Bob Geldof, (Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie), and Michael Hutchence's daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, who was only 4 and who found her mother's body.
Paula's death is thought to have been accidental: although she had been seriously depressed since losing Hutchence, her argument against Hutchence's death being suicide was that he would never have left his daughter.
She was a sharp and sassy lady. Terrible thing, especially for the little girl.

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