I was in some type of an elevator or something. Surrounding me were a bunch of people who felt familiar to me, but the only one I recoignized was my friend Christine. They were all pushing me around, in this circle. I felt hatred, and evil, emmnating from every one of them, with each strike of their legs and fists.

Then the elevator finally reaches the bottom floor. I am pushed out, trampled and left laying on the cold, dirty concrete. I blacked out. The next thing I remember I'm yelling at Christine, "I thought I could trust you!" to which she replies "you can."

Odd, to say the least.

One of the first dreams I've remembered in awhile, and I end up remembering the fucking weird ones.

I'm in a school, but there are no students today. I'm watching some guy perform a card trick, passing one card through another. He says it's to demonstrate that security is an illusion. Whatever.

He leaves the room with a female that I don't know, and asks me to gather his things together. On the table, there are cards spread out, as well as sticks of packaged string cheese. I put the deck in order and group the string cheese together.

Time Shift

We're in a dark room. Myself, the dude who does the magic, the woman (now dressed in dark pink wool), and a really old man are there. The old man is very short, bald (with wisps of white hair here and there), and he's wearing a dark blue jacket that goes down to his feet. His eyes are totally white. The old man is explaining something to the guy, but I don't remember what. We then leave the dark room without the old man, and walk out on to a wooden bridge. All three of us peer over the side, and the dude is looking for something. Before I finish asking what he's looking for, it shows itself.

It is a large green creature. Humanoid. Very muscular, ugly, bald, and pissed. And I just now remembered what it is. It is a creature that I drew in 11th grade for an assignment. Except this one was alive, and certainly not a drawing.

I ducked off to the side, and the creature was fighting with the dude. The green guy put up a really good fight, but fell down to where I kicked him over the side of the bridge. He splashed into the water, and I asked my companion "Why can we get out of the water and he can't?"

"Because there are collectors at the bottom of the lake waiting for him."


Suddenly, we heard a splash underneath the bridge and I said "There's a splash. Something is underneath the bridge." Apparently, this green thing got out of the water quickly, and started to break through the floor of the bridge to get back at us. The dude and the woman stayed to fight, and I ran to get the old guy.

He gets on some really big wooden stilts, and we run onto the bridge, at which point I tell him "You're the man."

I couldn't believe his reply.

"That is right. And I shall repeatedly request that of you, at which you will supply me the right answer."

I guess that cocky bastard was enough to wake me up, because I did.

I've been having this recurring dream for awhile. In the dream, the situation is scary. When I wake up, it's goofy as hell.

Satan keeps moving my car.

Not stealing it or blowing it up or making it a gateway to hell or anything. Just, moving it. And for some reason, in the dream, I know he's the one doing it.

So this dream was a little different. I was a priest, and I'm inside a church and I come outside to find that my S-10 is not where I parked it.

(Also, a component of these dreams is that I never realize I'm having the Satan dream until I can't find my car)

So I'm looking, off the front steps of this church (which for some reason resembles an old general store or a central Texas beer barn), and suddenly the pay phone on the wall rings. I pick it up and say "Hello?" rather calmly, since I already know who it is.

(Oh yeah, also, in my dreams Satan has the voice of Robert Goulet)

"Josh, isn't this funny? Wait, you'll love this one, you just saw this movie!"

And then Satan does a perfect impression of the angry voice screaming at the priest to get out of the house in the film The Amityville Horror.

I'm pissed. I can now see my truck on the roof of the old brownstone across the street. I start saying "HA HA HA, VERY FUNNY MOTHERFUCKER".

I wake up, laughing.
The dream I had last night scared the shit out of me. Partly because of the content, partly because it's just one in an increasingly scary string of related dreams I've been having lately. Ick. I got out of bed to write it down at four in the morning, and found myself incapable of forming proper sentences. So this is what came out:

Miller was in my room we were about to go to sleep because for some reason he was supposed to take Jessica's place in her bed across the room for the night and she would sleep somewhere else I made some lame girly joke after I forgot about the arrangement he laughed and walked over to me in the dark grabbing me kissing me with everything he had like a 50-year-old pedophile it was happening before I had the chance to realize how unreal this was how he would never have the balls to do that to anyone regardless of how much more he liked them than me he leaned into my body whispering that he was quite drunk quite out of control I was scared someone might see I freaked out and woke up

woke up with a tingly heavy floating sensation my hand above my head tingles coming in waves I remembered his kiss and strangely wanted to go back to it more tingles I was soon dreaming again

lying on my bed in the dark Jess was there this time sleeping across the room just like she had been before I fell into the dream but something was wrong I couldn't move I got the wavy floating feeling again except there was a strange presence in the room in the heavy dark that was causing this feeling holding me down my chest was heavy and tight and suddenly I was gasping for air except I made no sound in the dark it was so dark in there I was paralyzed still under a bundle of blue covers I tried to cry out to Jessica it came out in a gagged whisper she was asleep but I kept trying and she woke up I said "Jessica help Jessica help Jessica help" just like all the other dreams and she slowly rose I told her I couldn't breathe she nodded

I could move again I grabbed my shoes still gasping for air chest getting tighter and tighter I asked who can help me Jessica who can help me to breathe she said there was a boy downstairs named Joseph who knew about these things I left the room to find him but came back right away because I didn't know this guy at all and I didn't want to wake him up when I walked back in everything was different beds and desks on different walls but the horrible scary something was still there in the dark choking me

I suddenly realized it was a dream but I didn't think I could get out of it this time I thought I might finally be stuck this is it folks but I tried anyway (crouched down and jumped up quick closing my eyes in the air like I always do to escape dreams) and I shot back into the tingly floating feeling coming in waves over my sleeping body I was awake and safe it took me a few seconds to move again Jess was there asleep across from me in the dark I lay horrified I couldn't cry I was afraid to sleep again and being there was too much so I came out here to remember it all.

I am living in a city on the edge of a jungle. It is hot and humid all the time, and the sky is always perfect blue. I live under a huge wall inlaid with 30 foot tall statues of demons in jade and turquoise, which is part of some kind of religious academy. During the day, I walk through the city, wandering through little sheltered alleyways, and terraces overlooking the canals, and tiny stores full of weird and wonderful things that seem to be mostly made of wicker, bits of precious metals, and feathers.

One afternoon, I'm lingering in a restaurant, which sells nothing but sherbert and flavored ice, talking with some friends, when a midget, not more than three inches tall, climbs up on a counter, and calls us all idlers and hateful fools. I recoil in revulsion, and spend a while wandering the city alone and brooding. Eventually I decide to leave it, and as I set out from it, the dream ends.

I tripped on LSD the night of March 6th, so I didn't sleep at all, however, come the 7th, I was ready for a nap.
The dream was bad, I'd even call it a nightmare except that it wasn't at night, so I'd call it a "daymare" or a "napmare".
Anyhow, the basic theme of the dream was that I'm breaking things. I'm breaking things that I can't break. I'm breaking things that are unbreakable, not that they are invincible, or immaculate, or that I'm to weak, or don't have the ability to break them, they are just things that don't break.
Example: I broke the number 6.
I broke my name also.
You know how when you break something that you really like you thing "well, this will never be the same again"? That's how I felt. I felt like a the number 6 would never be the same again, I felt like everytime I wrote the number 6 I would remember that it was broken. That wasn't that bad, I don't really care all that much about the number 6.

My name on the other hand, was a terrible loss.
I remember seeing myself breaking my name in the dream. What happened was I was writing in a journal of mine, and at the end I signed my name (which I never do, and My hand got all jimminie like I had a hand spasm, and my name got all fucked up. I always write in pen, so I couldn't fix it, so it was broken. But it wasn't just broken on that page, I felt like it would be broken forever, everytime I wrote it, I would write it all spasm-y.

I woke up feeling very very bad. I had that heavy feeling that you get when you just did something really wrong, like got arrested, the feeling you get when you know something really bad is going to happen, like when you're in middle school and you've been glueing chairs in the cafeteria to the floor with marine epoxy, and then you're name get's called to the office.
That kind of feeling.
For the rest of the day I felt really bad, and couldn't tell why, then I remembered the dream, and realized that neither the number 6 nor my name were broken, that made me feel better.
But I was still sleepy.

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