Dream about work #256

It was increasingly difficult to get things done. It was a normal, chaotic day at work and I was running around trying to placate the masses both below and above me.

Meredith can you find me a place to sit I lost my headset that guy over there is hogging my half of the cube why did someone steal my trash can have you finished your call coachings why is that agent in that idle code?

You know, just normal, everyday business. Suddenly I get a phone call on inside line. It is my friend Ryan from the other side of the green pod that is a meeting room. I just wanted to let you know that there is a really big thunderstorm coming, and then one more after that. Unfortunately, thunderstorms are my worst enemy and render me useless at night, and so it was no different. I went to the manager on duty and asked her if I could go to the break room and watch a movie. She said that it was ok as long as there was availability in the mentor queue. So I took my newest supervisor trainee and we went to go watch the movie.

All of a sudden I was paged over the intercom. It was Ryan again, looking for me. I called his extension and he said, We have found another place under the building that will explode if you expose it to air. Go tell the construction workers for the sewer line outside that they should not dig under our building.

I went outside to relay the message and sure enough, there was a construction crew working and digging in the pouring rain and thunder. I told them that they should not dig under the building for fear of explosion and they told me, yeah, we've already lost five guys that way. That made me feel just as secure as a sheep in Arkansas and I went back in to work. I wanted to finish the movie to get my mind off the storm but they said I had more work to do. So I sat down, unsatisfied and started doing more spreadsheets. After that, the dream trailed off and eventually the alarm clock did its thing.

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It's slipping away so quickly. I'd better put it down now.

It's night. I'm being chased by the Terminator. The Arnold Terminator. I (we?) run to a shitty apartment building, and hide out with Lance from Pulp Fiction. I (we?) find out that he has spent $10,000 of the $15,000 of his daughter's trust fund.

I (definitely just I) start to run out of the building, and straight into Arnold as he's walking in. He raises his gun, but does nothing. I slowly walk past him, and walk down the stairs while he continues his search. Either he doesn't recognize me, or he's not actually looking for me. After I'm out of his sight, I run like hell to some grassy hills next to one of the buildings. I leap, and land behind a particularly large hill, next to an apartment window with closed blinds.

I waited there for a few hours, I guess, because it's getting lighter out, and I'm walking around. A car stops in front of me, and is driven by a dude who looks like "Ben", the waiter from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I get in, and we go. I ask him if he wouldn't mind making a stop, and he says sure. Then I tell him my stop is in Tampa, and he says "Woah, no can do." I expect that, and I just ask to be taken to the airport, to which he agrees.

He then starts doing stunts.

Time Shift

I'm in some kind of gang. I don't want to be here, but I get the impression that if I want to stay safe, I'm forced to participate.

The leader divides everyone up into groups, and hands each group an itinerary. My group (which I have been designated leader) is assigned to hassle an oriental restaurant.

It's night again, and we head inside the restaurant, and (as per specified in the itinerary), I start to hassle the waitresses. So I dry hump them standing up. They don't like it at first, then they start to really enjoy it.

(I know, I know, Don't ask me. I have no idea where this shit comes from.)

I'm hating every minute of what I'm doing, because I really don't like this kind of behaivior, but again, I seem to be forced into it.

Anyway, I head outside, and around back. Apparently, I'm looking for (?) me. Upon coming to an area lit only by the light built onto the wall of the outside of the restaurant, I get the feeling I'm not alone.

I turn around, and there's this humanoid dinosaur guy standing there. He has the shape of a man, but his head is heavily and smoothly plated. His head is made up of different shades of red and blue, with four or five small white horns at the back of his head.

I proceed to kick his ass.

Our fight moves into the restaurant, and I knock him down (to where he turns into something that looks like the Road Runner), and someone stabs him with a fork.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling, ancient Mother I hear your song, ancient Mother, I hear you calling, ancient Mother, I hear your song....

at some point in dreamland last night i was at the beach, swimming. i've been in this scenario in my dreams enough times to know that big waves are imminent, and they usually take the land away with them. i have family out on Long Island, so i learned wave navigation early on in life. however, i also have a minor fear of deep water since i'm not an olympic swimmer, and the undertow tends to be a bit strong out there. usually, when dreaming, i don't fare well with the tsunami-like waves.

last night, though, was different. the waves were spaced reasonably, and instead of getting caught up in them i just dove way deep beneath them and let them pass over me, allowing the natural currents to bring me back to the surface so i could breathe again. everyone else around me kept getting knocked around by them. the beach was gone, which was frustrating, replaced by a high sandy mountain that later waves would claim anyway, so i just stayed calm and enjoyed the water. i was nowhere near tired.

then came the big wave. this one was larger than any i've ever had in dreams before. i saw it, i panicked slightly but swam out far enough that i would be able to dive into its base and not get caught up in the fierce rumbling of it breaking, and i wouldn't get flipped all over the place by the falling arch. after the water settled, i was further out from land than i'm normally comfortable with. usually if i can't touch the ground when i'm in the ocean, i freak out. but i didn't. i was calm, serene. the sun was shining. i recognized that i wasn't gonna float away into the deep sea, and i wasn't going to drown, and i just needed to put a little work into swimming back in. i turned towards land and began the journey back.

I'm at peace with myself, for once. :)
And I think I'm ready to make progress in my life.

/me smiles, content.
It's about damn time.

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling, ancient Mother I hear your song, ancient Mother, I hear you calling, ancient Mother, I hear your song....

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I was Goofy. (No, I don't know why. Dreams are funny that way.)

I was driving around sunny, summery, and, well, cartoony countryside with an old car (the sort of car Goofy uses), looking for a place to stop to eat my sandwiches...

Ahead of me on the same road, an old snob couple (with grandchildren, too, I think) was driving. They had a nice, expensive car. They stopped to eat their sandwiches and drink tea on one grassy field.

Somehow, I ended up stopping by the same field, and tried to keep some distance to this snob couple.

Soon, it started to rain. Since both cars were convertibles, I and the snob guy both started to pitch our tents. My "tent" was just a 1.5 m wide stip of water-proof cloth that I somehow got to turn into a vaguely tent-shaped shelter. It wasn't much, but I stayed dry.

The snob guy was having problems with his tent. I asked them to come to my "tent". The woman and kids seemed to think it was a good idea, but the man didn't think so - he still tried to angrily pitch up the tent, and said that I would probably ask them a lot of money to use my tent.

Here was a shortish cartoon-style break, and the next thing I knew was that both were under my shelter. Neither said a word, but the expressions told it all - The man looked angry that he had to be here, and the woman seemed to be angry at the man, as if she just had to drag him under the shelter and told to stay there, want it or not.

I don't belong in a high school now and even when i did i never belonged anywhere near teams or athletic facilities; they make me ache and athletes scare me, they're foreign like policemen. So when i hear people wandering in i hide in a closet. Through a cracked door, i hear and smell a girls' swim team gathering their gear to go to an away meet.

I desperately hope they will be my cover as i try to escape, far enough behind that they won't notice me and close enough that no one else will. Also trailing behind is a pale thin girl, small and unhappy. I support her. Everyone stops (the van isn't ready to go, there's a delay) and we sit on the grassy bank. Despite the people in team uniforms milling about, she leans against me. I'm kissing her fingertips. I'm kissing her wrists. She wants more and more, but can't understand the impropriety of what she wants in this place. We have to get away. She never wanted to be on the swim team anyway.

I pick up my little girlfriend and start to cut across the field. We're stopped by a football team, coached by a drill sergeant, who tells us they won't hurt us here and they won't hurt us now. He tells us we have about a day to get a head start walking, because they have a game to go to and can't hunt us down just now. So go.

Meanwhile, i think she's been shrinking. I can hold her in one hand. I think she's a flower and my hand is too hot and i wonder frequently if her petals will fall off or, when i run for the woods, if i will grasp her too hard. I have to force myself to remember that she's not a flower really, but the way her head nods makes that hard. She has never said a word ever, and lies limp and bright in my hand. But she has no petals. I climb into the woods.

The river i remember is swollen and it's been too long and i can't remember where to cross even when it's low. Slogging through the marshes, i wonder how or where we can hide, and hope she'll live. I start climbing stairs that lead into other stairs, jump the rail; i wash her in water, i find a grassy spot, flatten grass, and lie her in the sun like a shipwreck survivor.

Then i find the sergeant lied. They reach the top of the stairs and start swarming across the field toward us, loud, large, uniformed and padded. She will not wake up. There is nowhere to go. I go nowhere.

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