Dream about work #256

It was increasingly difficult to get things done. It was a normal, chaotic day at work and I was running around trying to placate the masses both below and above me.

Meredith can you find me a place to sit I lost my headset that guy over there is hogging my half of the cube why did someone steal my trash can have you finished your call coachings why is that agent in that idle code?

You know, just normal, everyday business. Suddenly I get a phone call on inside line. It is my friend Ryan from the other side of the green pod that is a meeting room. I just wanted to let you know that there is a really big thunderstorm coming, and then one more after that. Unfortunately, thunderstorms are my worst enemy and render me useless at night, and so it was no different. I went to the manager on duty and asked her if I could go to the break room and watch a movie. She said that it was ok as long as there was availability in the mentor queue. So I took my newest supervisor trainee and we went to go watch the movie.

All of a sudden I was paged over the intercom. It was Ryan again, looking for me. I called his extension and he said, We have found another place under the building that will explode if you expose it to air. Go tell the construction workers for the sewer line outside that they should not dig under our building.

I went outside to relay the message and sure enough, there was a construction crew working and digging in the pouring rain and thunder. I told them that they should not dig under the building for fear of explosion and they told me, yeah, we've already lost five guys that way. That made me feel just as secure as a sheep in Arkansas and I went back in to work. I wanted to finish the movie to get my mind off the storm but they said I had more work to do. So I sat down, unsatisfied and started doing more spreadsheets. After that, the dream trailed off and eventually the alarm clock did its thing.

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