This is the first time I've written in the dream log. I've decided to record the dream I had the night before last. It's been coming back to me gradually over the course of the day, and I think I've got as much of it back as I'm going to.

I'm sitting at my desk looking at my monitor. Unusually, I have Netscape open, but there's no web page displayed; instead, there's an plain grey oblong in the middle of the browser window. It occurs to me (or perhaps I suddenly remember) exactly what it is; it's a body language plug-in. It interprets body language.

I make a few movements in front of the monitor, and each time a line of text appears at the bottom of the screen. The text comes up a letter at a time, as if it's being typed. I'm distracted though, and don't read it properly. It occurs to me that the plug-in can somehow detect my movements through the monitor screen, but I just accept this.

I stand up in front of the desk and begin to strike poses, watching to see if the text appears. It does not always seem to, and I experiment, striking more and more awkward postures. At some point I begin mugging, making ridiculous faces along with the poses. In the end I'm doing some sort of insane dance to the monitor and laughing.

A couple of the lines of text that appear on the screen catch my eye, and I read them out loud. Sadly, I can only remember two of them. They were "Having fishes!", and something about the "The fussy(?) paintings of Constable". In the dream, I'm aware that these are supposed to relate somehow to my ludicrous postures, which I think is hysterical.

I wake myself up laughing (for the second time in the last two weeks), then turn over and go back to sleep.

Here's the downside with spending a goodly portion of the late nights of your first three days on Everything:

I'm driving my minivan around the parking lot of the Jack in the Box corporate offices near where I work. I am looking for something but I can't find it (nor can I even remember what it was, now). I do a node search with the help of someone who's E2 handle is CreamOne (I have *no* idea if this is a real user name) and his girlfriend (user name unknown). Neither of them can find it, either.

CreamOne asks, "Can you give us a ride?"

I say, "How do I know you don't have a gun?"

CreamOne says, "I do have a gun." He pulls a Saturday night special and sticks it through the passenger-side window at me. I roll up the window, hitting his arm. He drops the gun into my front seat as he pulls his arm out. I take off and both of them hit the '-' to kill my XP because I stole their gun.

I've got to get more sleep.

I was at Disney World with my friend Darryl. I went into a restaurant called "The Book Room", with a library theme, and was charged $7.50 for a buffet special, which included a special dish of some white substance like saurkraut or mashed potatoes, plus an undefinable sausage.

After that, my friend Darryl came by. We were going to be meeting an older woman, and I suggested the Book Room. We met the woman, who turned out to be a white old lady with wool for hair. As I walked into the restaurant, Darryl woke me up.

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