Here's the downside with spending a goodly portion of the late nights of your first three days on Everything:

I'm driving my minivan around the parking lot of the Jack in the Box corporate offices near where I work. I am looking for something but I can't find it (nor can I even remember what it was, now). I do a node search with the help of someone who's E2 handle is CreamOne (I have *no* idea if this is a real user name) and his girlfriend (user name unknown). Neither of them can find it, either.

CreamOne asks, "Can you give us a ride?"

I say, "How do I know you don't have a gun?"

CreamOne says, "I do have a gun." He pulls a Saturday night special and sticks it through the passenger-side window at me. I roll up the window, hitting his arm. He drops the gun into my front seat as he pulls his arm out. I take off and both of them hit the '-' to kill my XP because I stole their gun.

I've got to get more sleep.