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I had got a good idea: How about building a new type of high-speed railroad network in which the passengers don't pay for tickets... trains go from one station to another in a loop, and passengers are automatically charged the price of that part of trip.

The strange thing was, VR had implemented the idea.

Just that they had to cut some things to make it const-effective.

I was preparing to go from Kajaani to Oulu - and got to one of these trains in Kajaani. The train had only two cars... I got to the first one, and climbing inside was tricky.

There were no chairs or any lights inside, or anything - worse than normal trains. But I could take that, because the price was really cheap. One of the passengers asked me if the second car was any better - I told him that it wasn't, it was even smaller than this one.

The train driver / conductor was a sadist and took the instructions he had got very, very literally. (He was getting part of our payments himself, obviously.) The first part of the trip was actually fairly uninteresting and went quick. But then...

There were no tracks.

So, obviously, the train got to ground, drove around using the normal roads, and somehow ended up to the normal tracks again. Everyone in the train seemed to be extremely shocked every time something like this happened.

I don't remember the exact details of this trip, but at least in one point, we had done another skip from track to road to grass to track again, and the driver charged us extra for that. Then, at one point, he used one stretch of track, in front of a big apartment building made of red bricks. As the train came to the yard, and there were no tracks, the driver quoted one guy called WWWWolf about a plan that was "downright suicidal" - and jumped the train on this small track (that went to opposite direction and formed a ramp... we screamed, the train spun in air and crashed on the ground, we all flew out and the train somehow escaped to the next station quickly.

My first thing to do was to state that I was misquoted, of course. =) The next thing was that I swore the train driver was probably going to charge extra for this trick too, and hoped the train would stay on the station.

It was a long walk to the station. I walked through a park in which Swedish-speaking folks were walking. (Some of them were talking of Linux.) Each was carrying some item, but the items were just black-and-white drawings, printed on white cardboard and cut to shape leaving some margin. I wondered why this was so.

So I somehow took one of those cardboard things from my pocket. It was an electric screwdriver... I took the overused pose, with this picture thing as the pistol, and said "My name is Bond. James Bond."... I found a picture of small, pistol-shaped blowtorch from my pocket too, and found that even more gun-like than the screwdriver so the lame Bond imitations got more speed...

I got to a mall that was just before the railway station. I walked around it until I got to hardware department - and asked them if they had one of those blowtorches. They didn't have those, because they didn't have any of the transformers those things needed.

Somehow, this blowtorch image had turned into a real blowtorch, with the a long cable that was cut. The salesperson asked to get it back, and his assistant commented something about fools who don't even remember to unplug their tools before walking away.

Embarassment! I went out of the mall through the backdoor. One of the passengers of the train - a woman - had bought something that resembled a crossbreed of golf car and VW Bug, and was testing it on the mall backyard. She asked me to come with her to the railway station.

i am in a city apartment at what appears to be some sort of casual cocktail party. the people i know from high school are there. i join a conversation with craig, matt, and mary. i haven't spoken to mary in years. we all take some adderall to go with the drinks we're having. i take a little more than 10mg, and immediately begin to think that i should've only taken 5.

What, back again?: My sister, my brother, and a friend of a friend (who is in no way connected to anyone in my family decide to head to California. I guess my sister and I are planning to stay, but my brother and the FOAF are not. So we rent a car. I want to take my motorcycle, but for some reason that won't work. When we arrive, the city is not at all like I thought it would be, or even how I remember it. I think I've had this dream before. I wanna go back to San Francisco, but moving there is not as simple as that.

I am in a friend's house, talking to her about something. A few of our mutual friends are also over, talking in the background. I ask her about her current relationship, and I am mesmerized by her lips.

I think I told her that she was pretty, or that I wanted to kiss her, or some other bold statement of affection. Then I kissed her. It was nice, and she looked flushed.

She bounded up the stairs, oblivious to the other guests, and I followed, of course. We got into her room, and she laid down on top of me, with the back of her head on my chest. She had a loose top on, and no bra. I reached under her shirt, and brought my hands up over her breasts, brushing her nipples lightly. She moaned and started to roll over.

And the alarm went off.

I'm at a road-side coffee shop, in the middle of the woods. I go inside and watch two men talking to the waitress behind the counter.

One of the men is younger, skinny and sullen. He is the waitress's ex-husband. His friend is bigger and a bit older looking. His friend is hitting on the waitress and subtly putting down the skinny one. The skinny one responds in kind. I wonder why the hell these two are friends, when they both seem to despise each other.

There is a crackle on the police scanner, and the two men run outside to their pickup and grab rifles off the gun rack. It's a fugitive. A police cruiser pulls into the dirt parking lot, lights flashing, and the three men head into the woods behind the coffee shop, weapons ready. I can hear hounds in the distance.

I decide to find out what is going on, so I head up the hill behind the coffee shop. It's steep, jungly and foggy, with shafts of sunlight dappling the path in front of me. I break out into a big smile and thank God that I'm alive to see how beautiful it is.

My revery is broken by a hound dog racing past me, overtaking me, heading in the same direction. I run after it but stop suddenly as I hear shots ring out. I run to the top of the hill.

Below me, the three men are sprawled on the ground, and a dog is walking among them on its hind legs, carrying one of their rifles. I think to myself: this is a legendary creature. I throw myself on the ground and play dead, since that is the only way it will spare me--if I pretend that I can't see it, and it can't see me.

It walks to each of the men and fires a single shot into their hearts, making sure they are dead. Then it walks over to me and drinks from a pool of water. Its face is blurred out, out of focus. I remember that it is blind, and can only detect you through sense of smell and hearing. It sniffs my arm: I'm sure it knows I'm here. It's just waiting to see if I'll make a mistake.

Another man runs over the hill, saying "The Legend! Well, you're not going to get me without a fight!"; but it's already too late. He didn't play dead, and I listen, terrified, to the sounds of the dog tearing him to pieces. It's awful.

I feel the dog approaching, and he leans his muzzle in close to my ear and says to me in a low, pleasant voice "Kick a dog that's being humble. Kick two, if you have time."

So I'm at camp, and the implicit reason for being at this camp is to hook up with someone and have wild sex. Well, I'm not participating much, but I'm seeing all these people with the I-just-got-laid or I-will-get-laid-today looks on their faces. The place to hook up is in these stalls, they look like shower stalls, but dirtier. On my bunk(I have a top bunk in our co-ed sleeping porch) I have a little talk with Emily, who thinks one guy is really cute, this guy with underbleached hair and black roots, just her type, but I don't think he's stellar, in fact I think his face is ugly. but moving on.

I take a shower, and without noticing, I leave the shower curtain half open. Once I notice, there's this big black guy sitting on a chair looking in from about ten feet away, actually, but he's still looking, and it freaks me out and I close the curtain. THEN this other black guy comes over to my stall, and looks over the edge at me! He's tall enough to, and he just stands there staring at me. I yell at him to go away, but my voice never carries as much malice as I intend it to. Finally he goes away, and I leave, all freaked out and stuff. This is when I see the workings of the sex-stalls up close. One of them is in use, and I can see in. The couple in it aren't having sex though, they seem to be finishing a business deal conversation. I can't hear them, but they are very calm and cordial, and shake hands and such. The guy is cute, like an actor I can't place now, but I know he is what I want. So I follow him out of the stall, just three feet behind or so, and I never talk to him, he never exactly knows I'm following him or that I want him, and suddenly there's this girl, with long, greasy, curly brown hair, and we're together. Like a team of bandits, or partners in crime, we're together. Now we're running to get out of this place, because she's made some money deal with a television station to "tell her story" about this sex place, and she's taking the forwarded money and running, instead of telling the story. Why she's taking me I have no idea, but it's implicit that I go with her, we're in this together.

So now we're out of the "camp". We're on the street, some grimy city street that's like New York in its grunginess and in the vastness of the city, but it's Seattle to us. Much more cosmopolitan and city-like than Seattle really is. And there are two-foot gutters, really drastic. The sidewalk we were walking on was all skinny and precarious. We kept running into people either she knew or I knew, one of which was my friend from high school whom I havent' actually seen for a year at least, Adam Jones, and we hugged, and I really really wanted to hug him much longer than the situation allowed, but we had to go, had to go. He was very happy and jovial, and had no hair but stubble on his head.

Okay, so we're in Seattle, and we have to get the hell AWAY, wherever away is. We check the car, which we never were in, but we should check it into a garage anyway because it's Sam's car that Courtney borrowed(by this time, the long-haired girl has morphed into Courtney, a friend from high school whom I never ever see). We know the guy checking the car, he's a little like Meat Loaf's character in Wayne's World.

Now Courtney and I are running along the crest of a city hill, and it curves around and down to a gorgeous bay, the color that I've only seen on a helicopter ride above [Kiluea on Hawaii island. We go to the end of a dock, and the water is white at the shore, bleeding out to perfect blue, never to green in any way. This is dangerous. Nothing lives in the ocean except deep sea animals way out, and there's no algae or anything because of the toxicity of the water. There's no sign telling us this, again, it's implicit, and scary. Courtney doesn't seem to be freaked out by this though, she just points out the few fish swimming around under the dock, who live on the pellets people toss to them. On our way out, we see the car guy, and I desperately ask him for directions to get back to the garage so we can get the car and get the hell out of this crack town. He gives some vague, simple directions, and this makes me feel better, so we go.

During this whole dream we are running, being chased by something that becomes more and more menacing and more and more vague as the dream continues. This is where the dream is getting hazy. We end up going to two hotels. The first, we get into an elevator that is opened by a key the bell hops have and no one else does. The elevator fills up with sorority-type girls, all giggly and pastel. In the elevator, Courtney now becomes Christen, and I say "just say yes after what I say" and I say "we're on seven", some random floor, just to keep our story straight. Christen says "Yeah" and the bell hop gives us a look. It's all paranoid with the people in the elevator knowing something we don't, but not saying anything directly. We are all let off on the same floor, us and the sorority girls. We walk in one direction, to the end of the hall, which is a sitting room of sorts(the hotel is very rich, very newly built in Rococo style, lots of raspberry colored carpeting and flowers), where we make a U-turn and head back to the elevators. I look, worried that they will all have that key hole that only the bell hops have the key to, but these are just regular hotel elevators now, so I press the minus button. These have minus and plus buttons instead of up or down arrows. Right after I press the button, we turn around, and see Andy loafing in another sitting area/bar with some other bell hop/valet people. The elevator opens, and we get in. In here are a bunch of girls from the sex-camp place, with no clothes on or few clothes on. We're going down, but it's one of those situations where the second or third floor is the ground floor where we can get out, not the first. So we're worried about which floor to get off on, and these girls are all laying on the floor naked and chatting up these guys in the elevator. One of the girls is the one I ran out of camp with, but we're like vague accquaintances now. It's really hot in this elevator, and we get off on the fifth floor. It's not the ground floor, but we walk around it a bit, and come to a very regal looking staircase. I think, oh, this is good, we can just walk down to the ground floor without having to worry about the elevators and bell hops and stuff. But noooo. As I reach for the banister, the staircase suddenly stretches down, so it's frightneningly steep. Okay, so no stairs. Back into the elevator we go.

And we finally get to the ground floor. We walk out of the hotel, and sit on the seats/sculptured stuff just outside the hotel, before the street. There, we meet these two boys, one who looks like-and possibly is-the boy at sex-camp that Emily liked, and the other boy is just a milquetoast boy. We are suddenly with them, just the four of us, and we head into the hotel together, as if it were a different hotel. We head to the right this time, instead of the left, as we had done before. Now we're in the salon, this big room bathed in sunlight from the windowed walls on the street's side. It's set up like a restaurant/salon/coffee house. I'm going to get a massage, and the person getting one while I'm waiting is Selby, my good friend Selby! We don't really talk, but there she is. And now it's my turn to get a massage, but the guy giving them is really sore, and one of his coworkers comes over to us and talks to the massage therapist, and helps him stretch. By this time, I don't really want a massage anymore, but while I was sitting on his lap(that's how they gave massages at this dream-salon-restaurant), I was pointed towards where the restaurant patrons were sitting, and by the window very far from me is the lead man for the band Ninetyeight Degrees, Nick. Wierd. And also, nearer to me, but further from the windows is Stefan, my ex and friend from last summer. This is just freaky stuff. Now the boys we're with are sitting at a table with an official from the hotel, negotiating the bill for staying there. We're staying at this hotel now. Whoa. And as the boys are yelling at me to "come on, we're going to the room," I turn and see Stefan getting into another elevator, with some person who seems to be his boss. We look at each other for a moment, and I decide it's time to get out of this dream.

So I wake up.

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