I had a dream about lucid dreams. No kidding! Prologue: I had just come home from the bar. It was three AM. While I was brushing my teeth i remembered the e2 node about lucid dreams and tried to levitate the soap dispenser. It didn't happen, as expected. Then I went to bed.

Sometime in the early morning I started having these dreams. The first one was about an environmentalist who was threatening to poison the ground at a national park. She had a collection of chemicals that were technically not banned, and she claimed that since the government did not ban the hunt of moose, she would put acid on the ground. She squeezed a yellow tube and yellowy goop landed on the ground. Two small dogs were standing on the goop, which turned clear and began burning the ground. I told the owner of the dogs to get them out or they would be sick.

Then the dream switched into something about me and a bunch of friends needing to put up a webpage on my old high-school's website. We were thinking about hacking in, when someone suggested that we just ask the comm tech teacher since he was really nice. I went with some girl to go buy "supplies" (I think this dream was based on the second episode of The Lone Gunmen). On the way I had a sudden "what the hell" thought and tried to levitate something in the store. And it levitated! "Oh shit!" I thought. "I'm in a lucid dream. No wait, this is cool!" I tested out some of my lucid powers when suddenly I woke up.

But it wasn't a real wakeup, it was into another dream. I "awoke" on the couch in my living room. It was sunny outside, there were lots of people I didn't know in the kitchen. "I just had a crazy lucid dream!" I said. "Then don't move. Go back to sleep and continue it." some lady told me. So I did.

I closed my eyes and saw dark, and the kitchen sounds faded. Then there was a ringing in my ears, followed by a hissing, then all sorts of random noise that got very loud. An image formed on my dream-screen, and it was in widescreen. Really! I thought "enough of this noise" and jumped into the image. It was a "movie". Adam Sandler was in a forest by a river, holding up some rocks. I was watching without a body from various dramatic angles. I thought "let's levitate one of his rocks" and sure enough it did. Adam Sandler fell into the river and I watched him with a smarmy "you're not real. It's all a dream" attitude. I thought "why not make the river acid?" Adam Sandler got scared and his face turned white, but it wasn't strong acid. I guess now that I really didn't want to see adam sandler die. I thought "take me home" and the world shifted around me. I was on the main floor in my house, but now it was dark and the people were gone. I started walking to the front of the house and I felt my feet on the floor and heard my footsteps. "What the hell," I thought "this is a dream. I don't have to walk!" Instantly I became non-corporeal and I glided where I wanted to. I jumped into the air and did a weightless flip. What joy! I went around telling my dream-parents "I'm having a lucid dream! This is so cool!"

Then I woke up for real. (I checked. I can't levitate anything anymore). Upon reflection, I'm wondering if I was actually in a lucid dream, or dreaming that I was. It's hard to explain what I mean here. Sometimes I had control, sometimes only partial control. It was very strange.

I had one of the few dreams I ever remember last night (or I should rather say, this morning, since, it being a Saturday, I was allowed to sleep in until noon). I was with three of my friends, none of whom I could identify, when they came up with the splendid idea that we should go race like idiots in my friend's bright red car down around the school. We all got in and started tooling down toward the school when things started to get really weird. The driver decided to take a turn down into a subway-like staircase, which, due to physics in the real world, would not have admitted access to our too-wide car. However, we went down anyway, and started driving around in these hallways that made sharp right angles and were still too narrow. At one point in our journey our car inexplicably decided to change itself into a small ATV, making it more convenient to negotiate the hallways. All four of us were still on it, though (think of riding the handlebars and both sets of wheels... if only that were possible!).

Then I looked out in front and saw that we were speeding toward a very large pool which reminded me of the one in Washington because of its size, only much deeper. I jumped off the vehicle at the very last second as my friends went careening off a ramp (?) to hang in the air about five seconds before plunging in the pool. When I jumped off I still had a bit of inertia to me, so I went flying into the pool as well, although not as far. I remember the pool having no bottom as far as I can tell, but I managed to swim back to the side and saw people in the window of an accompanying building.

I then climbed on top of an awning they had set up outside (graduation?) and evaded anyone spotting me, when I heard a newsflash about our little escapade on the radio inside. I saw a couple of searchlights turn on on the ground about 500 feet from us, although I couldn't imagine what good that would do, as we were on the ground and they would have to turn the lights horizontal to find us. (I think too much in my dreams.) About then I slid off the awning, started running away like the fugitive I was, and woke up.

Thinking back on the dream, I think it had something to do with the hours of playing the original Carmageddon lately on my computer; there's a track on there called "Halfway to Hell" that takes place in a mineshaft, and there's another track on there called "Magnachem Mayhem" which has a bottomless pool in the center of it, over which you had to race on notoriously thin bridges. The ramp was just there for a cool jump, I guess. I think I jumped from the ATV because I'm usually the one to back out when my friends want to organize a mean prank on the local party or some other mischievous deed. I'm too nice. This is only the second time I've used the dreamlogs on here, and I'm wondering how people would react the a dream like this.

For a final exam, the man has prepared a performance intended to prove things about the nature of interpretation and music appreciation. He has prepared a grand piano with a happy black labrador padding around therein, his movements resulting in audible combinations of quasi-random, unintentionally-musical string agitation noises.

Having heard sufficient noises from which to sample his note sequences, he proceeded to remove the dog and perform sections of the same notes as the dog had accidentally made according to the idioms of different musical styles for one hour, beginning with 32 minutes of 'Philip Glass minimalism' and, every subsequent style taking less time, concluding with three seconds of 'cartoon sound effect.'

One thing I'll say about poor sleep is that it produces the most vivid dream-recollection, at least in my experience. (It's been a long time since I've dreamt your dreams.)

I wonder what grade he got.

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