For a final exam, the man has prepared a performance intended to prove things about the nature of interpretation and music appreciation. He has prepared a grand piano with a happy black labrador padding around therein, his movements resulting in audible combinations of quasi-random, unintentionally-musical string agitation noises.

Having heard sufficient noises from which to sample his note sequences, he proceeded to remove the dog and perform sections of the same notes as the dog had accidentally made according to the idioms of different musical styles for one hour, beginning with 32 minutes of 'Philip Glass minimalism' and, every subsequent style taking less time, concluding with three seconds of 'cartoon sound effect.'

One thing I'll say about poor sleep is that it produces the most vivid dream-recollection, at least in my experience. (It's been a long time since I've dreamt your dreams.)

I wonder what grade he got.

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