One of the first dreams I've remembered in awhile, and I end up remembering the fucking weird ones.

I'm in a school, but there are no students today. I'm watching some guy perform a card trick, passing one card through another. He says it's to demonstrate that security is an illusion. Whatever.

He leaves the room with a female that I don't know, and asks me to gather his things together. On the table, there are cards spread out, as well as sticks of packaged string cheese. I put the deck in order and group the string cheese together.

Time Shift

We're in a dark room. Myself, the dude who does the magic, the woman (now dressed in dark pink wool), and a really old man are there. The old man is very short, bald (with wisps of white hair here and there), and he's wearing a dark blue jacket that goes down to his feet. His eyes are totally white. The old man is explaining something to the guy, but I don't remember what. We then leave the dark room without the old man, and walk out on to a wooden bridge. All three of us peer over the side, and the dude is looking for something. Before I finish asking what he's looking for, it shows itself.

It is a large green creature. Humanoid. Very muscular, ugly, bald, and pissed. And I just now remembered what it is. It is a creature that I drew in 11th grade for an assignment. Except this one was alive, and certainly not a drawing.

I ducked off to the side, and the creature was fighting with the dude. The green guy put up a really good fight, but fell down to where I kicked him over the side of the bridge. He splashed into the water, and I asked my companion "Why can we get out of the water and he can't?"

"Because there are collectors at the bottom of the lake waiting for him."


Suddenly, we heard a splash underneath the bridge and I said "There's a splash. Something is underneath the bridge." Apparently, this green thing got out of the water quickly, and started to break through the floor of the bridge to get back at us. The dude and the woman stayed to fight, and I ran to get the old guy.

He gets on some really big wooden stilts, and we run onto the bridge, at which point I tell him "You're the man."

I couldn't believe his reply.

"That is right. And I shall repeatedly request that of you, at which you will supply me the right answer."

I guess that cocky bastard was enough to wake me up, because I did.