(an addendum and update to my previous list, and is possibly incomplete. please forgive me for that, and realize how long this took, and it was 130 am my time when i posted it. /msg me with your outrage at not making the list, and i'll do something about it.) edit - since writing this, i've managed to add a few more people to this, thank you to all who pointed me in the right directions!

Some of these people have moved on, but their contributions should still be recognized. some people aren't on the list that were before - no sense in linking to an empty homenode, no sign or signal or voice. some people i've linked before, and have changed the write-up linked to their name. Let me tell you, it was hard to choose among all the stellar examples of writeups by these people, and it took me a great deal of time to put this together. I highly recommend spending your time reading more of their writeups if at all possible.

TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR reasons (and counting!) why this place is (STILL!) worth my time:


achan ac_hyper Ahab ailie Akasha allseeingeye Alpheus(that's my leg on his homenode. I'll tell you the story sometime.) amnesiac Andrew Aguecheek aneurin Angela anthropod Apatrix Apollyon archy ascorbic Ashley Pomeroy atesh automaus avalyn

bewilderbeast bexxta Billy bindlenix birdonmyshoulder* Bitca Bitriot bol booyaa borgette borgo Byzantine

cahla call calliope ccunning Chras4 Chris-O Cinderella Cool Man Eddie clampe claypenny codic Cow of Doom creases Crux czeano

dann Danneeness dannye deeeahblita deep thought DejaMorgana Demeter Devon Dimview Dis discofever donfreenut doyle dpride dustfromamoth

EDB edebroux enth e-lainey eliane etoile etouffee Ereneta Evil Catullus

factgirl flamingweasel Frankie flyingfish

gahachino Girlface gleeme Glowing Fish golFUR Gorgonzola GrouchyOldMan grundoon gunpoint gwenllian

Halspal hamster bong Hatshepsut haze Heisenberg Helmut hemos henry flower Hermetic hramyaegr hunt05

iceowl icicle ideath Igloowhite impishlaugh Indra363 Infinite Burn instantkarma IWhoSawTheFace izubachi

Jack Jane JayBonci Jennifer jessicapierce jethro bodine Jet-Poop Jinmyo Joyquality juliet Junkill junkpile Jurph just1wheat

karma debt Kensey kerawall KillerPenguin Kit Lo Klaproth kmcardle knifegirl kohlcass kthejoker

laconic LadySun LaggedyAnne lailoken legbagede Le petit mort liha liontamer Lometa longwinter Lord Brawl Lost and Found Lucy-S

Magnas mauler Mer minisecret Mitchevious Mitzi mkb ModernAngel moloch36 momomom mordel moxie Mr. Hotel m_turner

nate NinjaPenguin Noether Noung No Springs N-Wing

oakling oenone Oolong ophie Orange Julius Orpheum O-Swirl Ouroboros

Palpz panamaus paraclete pelsmith perdedor per ou piq princess loulou prole Pseudo_Intellectual psydereal pukesick

qousqous Quizro QXZ

RACECAR radlab0 RalphyK Rancid_Pickle randir Reasonless rischi riverrun Roninspoon rootbeer277 rummage ryano

Scribe Scriblerus Segnbora-t sensei shaogo SharQ sid simonc Simulacron3 siouxsie Skoob SophiesCat sparkleface spiregrain stand/alone/bitch swankivy

tandex Templeton The Custodian TheDeadGuy The Debutante the gilded frame theonomist Timeshredder ToasterLeavings Tom Rook Transitional Man Two Sheds

Uberfetus Unstrung

Walter wamckee Webster1913 wertperch wharfinger Wiccanpiper WickerNipple will witchiepoo wuukiee

xdjio XWiz

yam yclept yossarian

Any questions?