It was at first a walk to the wrong direction where we met. You walked, I talked, we both listened to the traffic and the ramble of others. Silence arose; usually awkward, it felt at once serene and settling. The cars stopped for us, white lines and rough roads under our feet, as we stepped onto the threshold of friendship, even with the curb yet away from the gutter.

But it was brief. You went your way, to leave me alone to take the long walk back. But we would meet again.

Next time it was a glance, a chance and a smile, albeit more of a smirk. Your eyes plunged right through me, shattering what hopes I had of not wanting to see you every day. I longed for dialogue, wanting to know more of these eyes that had beguiled my desires. What did I know if it were to stop there? Not enough to sate my endless questions, to halt my inquisitive stares and body language. The minutes passed and with it my delight.

We spoke a few words, each one rolling off my stuttering tongue like marbles on a glass floor, so loud and uncouth. All I saw were colors forming into music, music forming into words, and words forming into adoration. Clean and clear, I heard your voice, rising and falling like nothing that I have heard in many days. "See you later."

Only five more days now. Minutes pass slowly, as the temperature drops with the leaves, the wind changing both as it wishes. I will try again to muster my bravery, and survive the days without you. I will see you in my tea leaves.

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