At the front door, Kat fumbled for her keys. The moon was nearly overhead and its reflected light lit up Kat's face. She looked beautiful, innocent.

Tony put his hand gently to her cheek and as she looked up, he moved in to kiss her. Their eyes met for a moment before passing out of focus. As their lips parted, Tony paused: the precious pause of expectation. And then they kissed. Softly at first, Tony pulled away slightly until he could look into her eyes. Then he kissed her again.

Kat dropped the keys.

Both of them laughing, Tony picked them up and let them in. Then he took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

It had been so long since Tony had undressed her that he did it cautiously, like unwrapping a fragile gift. He paused before undoing each button on the back of her dress. When he had opened all the buttons, he turned her around. Kat looked starkly into his eyes.

Tony both loved and hated that look. He still hadn't figured out what it meant. Was it lust or was it fear? He didn't know, but it was always there.

In the beginning, he'd been so overcome by his own lust that he wasn't stopping for anything short of a "no". But after a couple of months, he started to notice that after she got that look, Kat didn't take things further herself. Was she just going further for him? Was she trying to tell him she'd gone far enough?

Every time he wanted to ask, but he was scared of the answer, so he told himself he didn't want to ruin the moment. Instead, he would just draw her to him, and hold her.

Sometimes they wouldn't move for ages, then they'd fall asleep. Other times she would let go and kiss him, and then he'd look in her eyes and the look would be gone. But as they made love it would haunt him. Eventually he would just stop before things got to that stage.

But this time, with the moon lighting up Kat's face, the look was bare before him, like her beauty. As he reached to draw her near, she pushed him back and started to undo his shirt, kissing the nape of his neck and down his chest until the last button was undone.

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