You awake? He whispered, turning over and putting an arm around me. I grunted back in a manner that he recognised as me completely in denial of the fact that I am very much awake. His body was sticky and he smelled like a brewery. If that's what I've got to stay in bed with, I'm not sticking around.

As I stood up, I realised that I should have paid more heed to the awful taste in my mouth. As if they started together at my toes, the sick feeling in my stomach and the blinding pain behind my eyes hit in quick succession. I thought I might make it to the loo, but I had to trot the last few steps and aim through the seat as my piece of wedding cake and a few other UFO's made it back to daylight.

I dropped off my robe. As I walked to the basin to brush my teeth, I made a point of strutting in his line-of-sight. Maybe I could entice him into the shower with me so that I can get back into bed with a nice fresh young man.

Honey, when's the baby due?

Bloody hell! My aunts are out of control! What did they tell him yesterday? Huh? I'm hung-over. I hadn't the energy to vocalise the shock within.

Are you? he sounded surprised. I guess it has been a while since I've been on the booze. Gav won't tell me, keeps insisting Jill's not pregnant. When's she due? She still looks great.

Oh! Jill! Adrenaline is such an inconvenience some times. I made like I was spitting toothpaste to cover for my surprised tone.

But then why? Now he sounds really confused.

Starkers and back in the doorway, I figured that if he has the energy for conversation, all hope is not lost. Why what? I asked innocently, knowing damn well what.

Why the wedding?

Because they love each other. They wanted to. They have plans... I was cautious not to lay it on too thick.

Huh He turned over. Marvellous. Once upon a time, the slightest hint of cleavage was enough to drive him wild. Now I practically do the can-can in the buff and he doesn't even look. As I turned to get into the shower, I caught a glimpse of movement. He was sitting up suddenly, completely focussed.

What did you think I meant?

Never mind I answered, overdoing my movements as I stepped into the bath and drew the curtain.

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