It wasn't until you called me on being a bitch and demanded to know what my problem was that I realized what friends are. An endless feedback loop. Reflections of each other. Reflections of ourselves.

You are my favorite reflection.

You do the impossible. Like taking me As Is while still acknowledging me Will be. Like when you say things that need to be said, or do things that no one will do but everyone wants to do.

Your photos line my wall. Brilliant shots of how beautiful Iowa can really be. Compelling shots of Western Europe. They make me think of the world outside our borders. Not just the one in our dreams.

I don't know what made me think of this, other than it was that kind of day. One of the ones that sucks you in and spits you out. One of the ones you wouldn't let me wallow in. Or that I wouldn't let you wallow in.

I know an All Star because I know you. an artist a terrific human being and a beyond stellar friend.

I raise my glass to you. You moving across the country. You doing things we talked about but never thought we'd do. You.

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