Given that at some point in the far distant future, our universe will undergo heat death or somesuch fundamental cataclysm and I plan on living forever, I've been giving some thought to my escape plan.

Specifically, I like to call this My Escape Plan at Forever.

Using the slapdash of higher physics that I've picked up from various slop resources, I think that I'm going to construct a ring of blackholes around one central blackhole and head towards it.

My plan is to be captured at the point where I transcend spacetime and "fall outside" the normal timestream. Thus, I'll being able to exist forever in my ship.

I think I'll call it Fort Awesome. It'll have a firepole going from my room to the dining room, and all the arcade machines EVER! It'll even have a huge pizza oven. It'll be everything I wanted at age eight.

Scratch that. Back to the drawing board *sigh*

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