boss i made a new friend
for a while she sent me
msgs and talked
about genetic drift
she said a time of great darkness
for mankind is coming when
cockroaches will rule the
earth i said to her sister i
sympathize but be careful
as humans wear on their
machines get smaller
they are making miniature
cockroaches now to spy on us
so watch what you say
bah she scoffed and
waved her arms like mehitabel
used to do with her claws in
the old days i am not afraid
of them she said and
walked off in a huff boss i am
sad but unsurprised to say
the next morning i had no
msg from her and i looked
maurice the moth who lives
behind your bookshelf
took pity on me and told me
she had died that morning of
an overdose but
you know what they say
boss cockroaches do not
mourn but i sometimes wish
i were human again
your friends do not die
so very often


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