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As most of you might know, my daughter has stuck to writing daylogs when she feels so inclined. In passing, I mentioned our little scary story contest and this is the result so far. This effort also marks her first foray into the realm of fiction here at E2. If the story you are about to read becomes muddled or unclear or has some holes in the plot that don’t make much sense, remember, these are the ramblings of a nine year old. That being said, I’ve taken the liberty of helping out with the spelling and the formatting. The idea and the words belong to her.

You have been warned…

The Magic Bind – Part One

In the small town of Orin, three girls stood outside of a gate. The gate led to the home at 1313 Spider Place.

No one has been in there for ages” whispered Sara

”Yeah, one boy went in there decades ago and never came out” said Kensey

”Oh come on” said Taylor. “That’s how all stories end, “and no one ever saw him again. It’s just something kids made up to leave you in suspense."

”Well, you never know, it might be true” said Sara

”Yeah Taylor, if your so sure it isn’t true, why don’t you hop in there yourself” said Kensey.

”If that’s what it takes” said Taylor

It was as if Taylor had done it hundreds of times before. She climbed the fence that surrounded 1313 Spider Place and made her way through the yard. As she walked up to the house, the two other girls on the other side of the gate huddled close together to protect them from the cold Halloween night.

They watched in horror as their best friend disappeared from sight and went in to the old creaky house. They were shocked when they heard a heart wrenching scream come from behind the door.

Sara and Kensey took no timing in climbing the gate and running to the house to help their friend. They ran so fast that when they got to the door they were out of breath. Kensey was the first one to open the door and before them was Taylor, lying on the ground. Kensey and Sara were nonplussed. As Kensey let go of the door to help Taylor, it slowly closed behind them.

”Oh Taylor” Sara cried, “Are you okay?”

”Yeah, what do you want?” said Taylor grinning.

Sara and Kensey stood there gaping at Taylor.

”You guys are just too easy” laughed Taylor

”Taylor, that wasn’t funny!!!” yelled Sara

”Oh, come on, it was just a little prank. Let’s get out of this place.” said Taylor.

The three girls made their way back to the door. Taylor tried to open it.

”Uh-oh” said Taylor, “You guys, the door won’t open.”

”Ha ha” said Kensey. “I’m getting fed up with your stupid little jokes!”

Kensey reached for the knob and tried to turn it and to her surprise, it wouldn’t budge.

”Sara, it won’t open, Taylor wasn’t kidding” said Kensey.

All three of the girls tried their hardest to open the door but it still wouldn’t move.

”It just won’t budge”, said Sara

”Come on, let’s run at it full speed” suggested Kensey

“It’s no use, the door has a magic bind” said a small voice behind the three girls.

“Who was that?” asked Kensey

”Don’t be afraid, I’m nice” said the small voice. “I really am, I just want to help.”

“Just show yourself” said Taylor.

The little creature came out from the shadows where he was hiding. He looked like a ghost. Kensey, Taylor and Sara just stood there staring at him.

”I’m a ghost, the ghost of the little boy” said the voice

”Well, what’s your name?” asked Sara

The ghost was thankful for the change of subject.

”My name was Howard but everybody calls me Chub” said the ghost

”Why Chub?” asked Taylor. “You’re so skinny”

”Oh, I don’t know” said Chub. “The other ghosts just named me that”

”Other ghosts! What do you mean?” asked Sara

”Well, there’s all kinds of monsters who live here” said Chub. “The ghosts are all very nice. The vampires have a curse they can put on you and if they get out they can turn into a regular person.. The goblins who live here steal everything they can get their hands on. They’re really very annoying. Frankenstein gets soooo sad when he sees live people.”

”We’re inside a monster’s house?” asked Sara.

”Yeah Chub, that’s kind of creepy” said Taylor

”Oh, you get used to it” said Chub. “There’s just one monster you have to look out for. He’s called the Vorx. He’s so dangerous that even dead things are afraid of him. He can make you have excruciating pain if he wants to. It keeps on going until you go crazy!”

”That’s nice to know” said Taylor, “But how do you get the door open?”

Chub sighed, “You have to defeat the Vorx”

”What will happen if we don’t?” asked Sara

”You will die and have to stay here” said Chub.

“Let’s look around for another way out” said Kensey

”No!” cried Chub. “The Vorx could be anywhere! It’s too dangerous down here. The only safe place is upstairs. We can go up there and get some rest”

”Well, let’s get going” said Sara

”Yeah, the only time I’m going to meet the Vorx unprepared is never” said Kensey

”Good idea” said Chub

The girls started to go up the stairs but Taylor stayed behind. She wasn’t about to go to sleep until she found out more. She stepped into the darkness of the other room.

It was then that the Vorx attacked!!!

To be continued…

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