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A while back, the wee one penned a little story called “The Magic Bind - Part One". As many of you know, this represented a departure from her usual output of poems and daylogs and it marked her first foray into the realm of fiction. The general response from that of the user and reader base here was very positive and with that in mind, we’d like to present to you Part Two of this little saga. Once again, if the dialogue is a little stilted or if there are holes in the plot, please bear in mind that you’re reading the efforts of a ten year old girl. Some spelling help and formatting are courtesy of yours truly, the words belong to her.

Thanks in advance to the many folks who have offered up encouragement, support and advice as we continue on in our little adventure. It’s truly appreciated.

Without further ado, we now present to you, “The Magic Bind – Part Two".

The Magic Bind – Part Two

”Taylor! What’s taking you so long!” shouted Kensey and Sara.

They were both surprised at the silence that came from inside the house.

”Taylor! Get up here, NOW!” they screamed.

Still, no answer…

”That’s it Taylor! If you don’t get up here right now, you’re dead!” yelled Kensey.

Kensey, Sara and Chub hesitated for a moment. Then Kensey turned her back and began to go up the stairs. Sara looked at her and decided to go see if anything was wrong with her friend or if she was just playing another one of her pranks. Chub was stuck in the middle.

”Sara, where are you going?” asked Kensey.

”The real question is, where are you going Kensey? Taylor is our friend and we should all stick together. I say it’s better to be safe than sorry!” said Sara.

Sara went down the stairs and froze. Nothing she could do would prepare her for the sight she was about to see. There, right in front of her, laid Taylor’s body. Not her just her body though, but Taylor’s ghost was hovering above it and looking down at the thing that was once Taylor.

At first, Sara was getting ready to scream. Something inside her told her not to because it might attract the Vorx. She looked up at Taylor’s ghost and whispered.

”Oh Taylor, what happened?”

”I don’t know Sara” said Taylor, “I think the Vorx must have attacked!”

”Well, it sure looks like it!” said Chub.

”Whatever happened, I think we should get away from here. Fast! I don’t think it’s safe for us to be standing around” said Kensey.

”She’s right. No offense Taylor, but I don’t want to die. We’re only ten after all” said Sara.

Taylor gave Sara and Kensey a harsh glare then turned to look at her own body on the floor.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs” she said, quite miserably.

They all began to march slowly up the stairs, First Chub, then Kensey and Sara and following a little way behind them, floated Taylors ghost. Somehow they all had a feeling inside them that this would not end up good and that more dreadful things were about to happen.

Please stay tuned for more adventures from the team of Taylor, Kensey, Sara and Chub, coming soon to a website near you.

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