To all the coder/webmonkey -types out there: how the hell do you do it? I respected you before, but damn.

I'm putting together a webpage for writing samples and the like so that potential employers can get a feel for my writing style without being overwhelmed by this place (and, I have to admit that while I love Butterfinger Mcflurry, my boss-to-be might be weirded out). I also don't necessarily want them stumbling across anything of mine that I'm not implicitly showing them and the easiest way to do that is to create a nice, clean little webpage for them to stroll through.

CSS makes my head hurt. So does HTML, really, but I'm used to HTML because of this place. Of course, in the process of researching CSS I've learned more about real, web-safe HTML than I ever wanted to know as well as figuring out that the markup on e2 doesn't amount to more than a fraction of what I really need to know, but still. HTML makes sense.

CSS makes a completely different kind of sense, and I think that's where the trouble lies. Switching between the two is the painful bit. Every time I think I've got a handle on one, I end up Frankensteining my syntax in a mildly humorous fashion.

But the thing that's killing me is this: I'm a mac geek, but I'm at my parents' at the moment. Most of the HTML I'm writing is being done on my mother's XP computer. On dialup. Barring some graphical FTP client, the only way to update my server is through FTP/DOS and telnet. Oh, and I'm pulling the rest from E2, so there's all sorts of brackety goodness to deal with as well. Unless I'm missing something; it's possible.

So I'm writing in two languages and editing a third while telneting into my OSX (Unix) box at home and running FTP via DOS. That's FIVE distinct syntactical frameworks.

YOu know how if you play too much minesweeper you see little numbers and bombs when you close your eyes? I've got little {s and PORTs and C:s and cd ..s floating across my vision and, last time I checked, my eyes were wide open.

And NOW I get to go home and install MovableType! Er. Maybe I'll wait till tomorrow with that one. The page is done, or at least functional, and I really, really need a drink. Oof.

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