The saga continues

The Magic Bind – Part Three

”Here we go!” said Chub.

His pale finger pointed to the brass door handle.

”Finally! That took almost ten whole minutes just to get up here” Sara said.

The four of them stood outside of a very small room. The mixed words and feelings of the three girls were complimented by the nasty odor that came from inside of it. They stood there looking at the surroundings but there wasn’t much to look at. One by one, they walked into the tiny room.

”You three should stay inside here while I go tell everyone else the news and maybe get a meeting together” said Chub.

None of the girls said anything so Chub left the room. Each of the three girls were doing nothing and thinking thoughts of their own. Finally, Sara got up from the hard wooden floor and began to chuckle to herself. The other girls soon heard her and Kensey asked

”So now, you think this string of events is funny or something, do you?”

”No, just look at us though. We’re locked up in a haunted house with a kooky blood thirsty monster, our tour guide is a ghost named Chub and Taylor’s a ghost now too!” said Sara.

”This never would have happened if that dare wasn’t made” said Kensey.

”Well, you were the one who made the dare in the first place!” yelled Sara.

The two of them stood there glaring at each other. No one remembers who threw the first punch but soon screams of pain, anger and frustration were released along with fists.

The fight went on for what seemed like forever. The two girls rolled and wrestled each other on the floor. Taylor just sat in the corner helplessly.

After a while the two girls stopped because they were exhausted. All three of them just laid on the floor looking at each other. No one moved and no one spoke. It was the strangest time so far in their adventure. Silently they all forgave each other and all was forgiven.

Taylor was the first to move. She stood up from the floor and said “Did you hear that?”

The two other girls got up from the floor and listened intently to the noises coming from the hall. All three girls moved closer together and stood as far away from the door as possible. Soon, the brass knob of the door turned slowly. The girls were getting ready to scream when the door slowly opened.

”The others are ready to see you now” said Chub.

Please stay tuned for more adventures from the team of Taylor, Kensey, Sara and Chub, coming soon to a website near you.

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