Project Managers are as bad as users. As work's general web programming or html god I tend to get the work that no-one else can figure out. Or I get to rip other people's code apart and impart proper programming techniques. Today I had an email from a project manager, forwarding a user comment on which said "I received my log-in password, but when I enter it, it doesn't work." Nothing else. No user name, no identifying information, no mention of browser, machine or OS. The manager thinks this email is enough to track the problem down. How does he tie his shoelaces without getting confused?

Still 1 more day and I'm at a conference in Rome, where my mobile phone will remain off, and I will gorge italian food, and panic when crossing the road.

Dizzy cooled another of my nodes - if I was female I'd consider this flirting!

Oh, and I asked a lass on a date.