I went to the emergency room today. I hobbled along and sat down in a proffered chair in front of a registration counter, and proceeded to mindlessly recite my identification information and describe the nature of my serious ailment. I thought my right foot might be broken, and after three days of being unable to walk I finally sought professional advice. Yes, it hurt like a bitch, and yeah, I knew there was something wrong. The bruise has been rapidly expanding, starting just below my ankle and encompassing my entire foot, and later my lower leg as well. It’s a rainbow of colors, ranging between light blue and an almost black dark purple.

How did it happen? It’s a simple story. On Wednesday I was running down the hall towards the performing arts center at school, late as usual. I was with Kelly, my piccolo soul mate, who was not far behind me. I turned around to tell her to hurry, and to my dismay, my wobbly platform shoes gave way. I landed with my entire 130 pounds plus gravity centered directly on my fifth metatarsal on the side of my right foot. It cracked audibly. Kelly heard it, I heard it. Then we started laughing.

So one of my metatarsals cracked in half. No big deal, right? Wrong. It bled like a mofo, creating the hugest bruise I’ve ever been witness to. I hopped on my left foot the rest of the way to the auditorium and somehow managed to force myself to walk up onstage to receive my Academic Boosters award along with the other senior nerds. It’s a good thing I had a long list of credentials to read off, cuz it took me quite some time to make it to the stage.

Graduation is in one week. The trip my friends and I have been planning all year to Cedar Point is in two weeks. I’ll be in a frickin’ cast for six weeks to two months. It’s not so bad, except I can’t drive. I can’t walk. I can’t sit normally without my poor foot going numb. But on the bright side, at least it’ll be off before orientation at U of M in August if everything goes as well as it’s supposed to. In the mean time, I’ve got me some vicodin and ice cream.

Don't run in platforms.
Feet break easily.

See also: Fifth Metatarsal Fractures



Not much has happened yet today.

<BABBLE TYPE="Boring" TOPIC="Voting">

Looking at the node tracker: Someone seems to be downvoting my old day- and dreamlogs. I mean, old.

I think those people must be pretty, uh, desperate. For couple of days now, I've been able to get rid of every vote I've been given, and that has involved NO daylog votedumping, I've just been voting "normally". (Tip for the uninitiated: I have 105 daily votes.)

Kids, there's no reason to votedump. I would guess I haven't yet voted about for most of the writeups in the database. Keep your eyes open.

(The reason for being able to do that was that I have a direct 'net connection from the work... It has always been hard on a dialup. =)


Oh, and I like the E2 Chatterbox Archive. More and more cool noding tools. Always good.

Today's job: Uh, I need to make a LilyPond version of Stones. I finally found a good nice printed score a few days back, but that was in MusicTeX format...


Done Usenet. Maybe I should try some games now.

It's weekend, after all...


Umm, the goddamned bread baking doesn't seem to work in Exult, even after several tries...


Okay, so Exult isn't perfect. I did what everyone else would do: If the game cheats me, I cheat the game. Don't worry, I will do this in "ethical limits." No Ctrl+M unless the game fails to give me money - like it did now...

I got an Avatar costume, went to act the Avatar's part... well, the problem was, the director obviously didn't think I was too Avatar-like. (I can hear Charlie Chaplin laughing at me from beyond the grave... =)

I saw a cool-looking creature in the forest...

"Ah! What a cute widdle foxie-woxie!"

- RalphyK, mother nature


I'm trying to make a thing I've wanted for some while now: THE Ultima Collection. I'm collecting all Ultimas I have on same CD-ROM. This includes Ultima 1-6 (from the infamous Encore distribution - I need to download a terabyte of manuals and patches to get this baby fly), The Complete Ultima VII, Ultima VIII (the Super Avatar Brothers), Ultima Underworld, Savage Empire (copyright note from the manual: "...reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited, and punishable by sending a Tyrannosaurus Rex to eat your mother.")... that's all I have, all I'm missing is UW2 and Martian Dreams. Some of these games I've never played. =)

I also included a directory called "Commodore 64 WaR3z" that has l33t 0-dAy WaR3z versions of the parts 1-6 (Yeah, I know, the U6 for C64 sucks, but the rest of the parts are better than PC versions)... Technically, I don't own these, but since I already have the "legal" PC versions and C64 versions are no longer sold, I think I have my right.

And all stuff copied... the grand total...

176 megabytes.

This is what I call an "explosive package"! Lots of bang for your byte =)

Now, onward to find the U1-6 manuals and patches...


Oh yeah, forgot to mention: The Fellowship in Ultima VII now, yes, reminds me of Scientology. At least in one thing: Both have "do I need this church?" style of questionnaire that is rigged to say the individual needs the church. (I mean, Batlin asked me whether I'd be more likely to kill a dog that attacks myself or someone else, and when I said someone else, he said I'm an überviolent person and need immediate care...)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: myomer Nova

Updated: Usecode goofs in game intro movies

International News Headlines: 2:29am, Pacific Standard Time

I'm covering for shm00kie this weekend. *concentrates on not screwing up*

The International Herald Tribune (www.iht.com)
Disaster in Jerusalem
Two suicide car bombing strikes were carried about by Palestinians on Friday; three attackers were killed and 56 Israelis were wounded.

Powell calls on Mugabe to conduct free vote
Secretary of State Colin Powell on Friday accused President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe of trying to cling to power and called for free and fair elections in the southern African country.

Senator's defection turns President onto unfamiliar terrain
Almost overnight, George W. Bush has been transformed from an aspiring Ronald Reagan, calling the tune for Congress, into a politician who risks becoming a fair replica of the often-frustrated president his father was.

Greenspan turns guardedly upbeat
Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Board chairman, said that the central bank's interest rate cuts this year were having their intended effect on the faltering economy, and he hinted that the most aggressive phase of the Fed's effort to ward off a recession might be over.

Megawati spurns Wahid on offer to share power
In a last-ditch attempt to fend off impeachment proceedings, President Abdurrahman Wahid on Friday offered to share some of his executive powers with his popular vice president, but her aides said she found the proposal insufficient and suggested that she would instead support a special legislative session aimed at removing Mr. Wahid from office.

A thorny path ahead for talks on Kashmir
Pakistan's cautious welcome to India's surprise invitation to begin talks on the disputed territory of Kashmir makes it quite likely that the leaders of the world's two newest nuclear powers will meet for the first time in more than two years.

BBC Online (www.bbc.co.uk)
Labour warns on NHS
Labour says the NHS is at risk from £20bn of Tory cuts as the Conservatives keep the focus on Europe.

British Airways launches "air rage" crackdown
Passengers who are abusive to airport staff will be banned from flights under rules to be brought in by British Airways.

Arafat pleads for support
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat makes an impassioned plea for the Arab world to support his people at an emergency meeting of Islamic nations.

Protest over carcass burial site
People living near a UK foot-and-mouth burial pit are stepping up their protest over possible health risks from the site.

The New York Times (www.nytimes.com)
Congress agrees on details for a $1.35 trillion tax cut
Under the legislation, everyone who filed an income tax return this year will receive a rebate check. Final votes are scheduled for today.

Russia sees payoff in storing nuclear waste from around the world
Despite some strong opposition, Russia is preparing to open its borders to become the largest international repository for radioactive nuclear wastes.

In Mexico, grim resolve after deaths
So many have lost their lives crossing into the promised land that some in Mexico were simply numbed by news of the deaths of 14 more migrants abandoned in the Arizona desert.

China Daily (www.chinadaily.com.cn)
US blasted for backing Dalai's separatist activities
The Human Rights Society of China published an article Friday, lashing out at the United States for its support of Dalai clique's separatist activities.

AmCham in HK voices optimistic on NTR renewal for China
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham) on Friday expressed optimistic about the prospects for the US unconditional renewal of Normal Trade Relations (NTR) for China.

China opposes US interference with internal affairs
Chinese Ambassador to the United States Yang Jiechi has been instructed to make solemn representations with the US government with regard to the US side allowing Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan transit visits to the United States.

China's success in Osaka to help Beijing's Olympic bid
China's continuing success at the East Asian Games will help Beijing's bid to stage the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, a senior Chinese sports official said Saturday.

S.Korea urges Japan for action over textbook row
South Korea told Japan on Saturday to take "visible" steps to resolve a bitter dispute over Japanese history textbooks which critics say gloss over Tokyo's wartime aggression.

Panapress (www.panapress.com)
Jammeh clocks 36, launches website
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Friday celebrated his 36th birthday by launching a website with view of popularising information technology and to create political awareness among the people.

Rebels kill 10, wound four in Burundi
Burundian rebels have allegedly killed at least ten persons and wounded four others in an ambush against a military vehicle in the Mitakataka locality (Bubanza province, north-west), informed sources in the region said.

Burundi deports 105 Congolese nationals
Burundi on Friday deported some 105 ""illegal"" immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), official sources said in Bujumbura.

Liberia says Guinean artillery killed commander
Defence minister Daniel Chea Friday said that a ""senior"" Liberian army commander has been killed by Guinean army artillery attack on Liberian territory.

The Moscow Times (www.themoscowtimes.com)
Putin wins vote to limit parties
A bill that could wipe out most of Russia's political parties was passed in the second reading Thursday.

Russia tries to get off black list
The Duma has given tentative approval to an effort to take the country off a money-laundering black list.

Mr. Chubais goes to Washington
UES chief Anatoly Chubais met with U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington this week.

Putin pledges gold for flood victoms
President Vladimir Putin on Thursday toured the area Siberia that has been devastated by floods and promised to find federal funds to help rebuild the region's damaged homes.

I woke up at 9am this morning, after my father (visiting from Tamworth) burst into my room and said/ yelled: "Come on, when are we going grocery shopping?" To which I replied, quite testily, "I said I'd be up at 10!". Nice work when he's taking me and my sister shopping, and he usually buys enough to last us a month.

Later, we go shopping. We buy enough foodstuffs to last us a month. What a surprise. (Thanks Dad!)

We go to a furniture place and I put down a layby on a new hallstand. What's with my sudden interest in decorating our house, when for so long it's just been an old bottle collection, second hand furniture and a tiny tv? Meh. I'm getting old. Making my nest nice .

Tonight we went to the pub with Dad, and I had 2 vodkas, two Baltiks and an Illusion. On the way home (only 2 blocks away, but we're lazy!) I get pulled over by the police. As soon as I see the blue and red lights reflecting off my rearview, I know I'm stuffed.
"Fuck, I'm so fuckin fucked... Fuck this, oh my god fuck..." ... you get the picture.
The cop finally gets out of the car and approaches me.
"Good evening. Are you drunk?"
/me, giggling like an idiot, because according to NSW law I'm not allowed to have even one drink in a night: "No!"
The cop: "No need to sound so disappointed! Please blow into this..."
The deed is done. I blow into the bag and my heart is racing. A million thoughts are going through my mind. Every possible scenario races past: I'm going to jail, I'm losing my license, I'll never get to be a journalist now (?!). But the thing that finally happened didn't occur to me at all:
"That's fine. Have a good night."
I can't believe it. My friends in the car can't believe it. I should have been dragged out of the car, kicking and screaming. I should have had to have gone into the police station. I should have been caught.

We drive to our friend's home around the corner, shocked. When we arrive, a large amount of alcohol is had by many, to toast my successful getaway/ the cop's leniency/ the cop's stupidity. Either way, I'm not complaining. My friend says that I only got away with it because I'm a girl. I don't know. I guess we'll never know("Excuse me, Officer, I'm pretty drunk, and I was just wondering why you let me go like that... just wondering!" Hmm, maybe not).

I learnt one lesson today. Don't drink and drive. The heart palpitations just aren't worth it.

/end moral story

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to mee,eee

Happy birthday to me.

I just learned about the day log. So this will be my first entry and hopefully not my last.

I'm in total awe today as despite the problematic crashing of my computer I found that hundreds of people from all around the world are hitting my music site after my mention of the film producer. The film producer is another story another day perhaps.

I find myself wondering why I do what I do and why people perceive me the way they do. In my eyes, I'm nobody yet some view me as something more. Go figure.

I finally cleaned up the studio today and will work on the garage later (after mowing and cleaning the pool). It seems that there is definitely not enough time in the day to do what needs attention. I hate mowing yet love doing the manicuring of the flower beds and landscape. There is hundreds of things to do yet never enough daylight to do them.

Its strange brain dumping here, as I usually keep it all to myself and express it in my music, but nevertheless kind of nice to reflect as I type on what's happening in my life.

I bought Norton Utilities to try to detect the problem with my crashing computer but really wont know until tomorrow whether it works or not. It found hundreds of errors but I think its Black Ice firewall that may be the culprit.

While I was at Wal-Mart, I found myself looking for something to buy. I really don't need anything as I have much more than I will use in a lifetime, yet I roamed the isles in search of anything I didn't need. Compulsive? Who knows, I get that way sometimes. Out of nowhere, I go buy something. Sometimes it can be an expensive urge as I have an overwhelming desire for the best, so it cost the most.

I trimmed one of the birds wings today. He's the one that used to like to bite the hell out of me every time I got near him, but since I removed the mirror from his cage, he seems docile and loving. I left him out for a while since his wife was already out. She never bites and loves to be talked to. My Black Lab wasn't all to happy as he had to sit outside the whole time watching through the glass patio door.

Well, off to mow. Maybe I'll jump in the pool after mowing and get it all funky before I clean it.


P.S. Happy Birthday cethiesus
Moon in Cancer....and everything's screwy. Yes, I really do departmentalize things in my head that way.

Yesterday was a blast, though I was hardly aware of it around the words 'keep going, keep going' in my head. My jobs are starting to pay off. Finally bought that scarab ring I wanted since my birthday last year, picked up the new Ani Difranco CD, and bought a bottl of SKYY vodka to share with my co-worker, Jada. (Can I mention the fact that she's hot?...can I? Well, she is.) It was my housewarming gift to her, and I got to meet her puppy, Molly, which incidentally is my old phone sex name. She cracked up about that.

I came home to a phone call from Griffin, and I got to talk to Onya, Jada's good twin from Florida. She's gonna come up for Griff's, Tiff's and my birthday......I think Jada will get a new roomie. It'd be too perfect.

Set up the booth at Fell's Point, only to be totally rained out. Not only that, but went back to get the tent only to find out it had been blown into the friggin' harbor! I was laughing too hard to bitch about the whole thing. Damn my Black Irish luck.

I don't know, a lot's going on, but I'm so busy, I can hardly think of what it was. OOooOoOooo...I have a bed now. THAT makes me happy! So I guess I need to catch up on my phone calls that have piled up since Wednesday and go blow up my bed.....Hmmmm. Looking forward to tomorrow. Yep. T'marry nite.

This write-up was going to be titled "if I had feelings." I tried for an hour to express how upset I would have felt that I couldn't stop thinking of her the way I did. I tried to express how I would have felt knowing I didn't once cross her mind as she prepared to go out for the evening. I was going to mention how much it would have bothered me that she looked so attractive tonight, and how she must have known how much it would have tormented me. An hour of trying to explain that if I had feelings, they would probably be hurt.

5:AM came, two hours after we parted ways... me with zot-fot-piq and her with the guy that gave me the wet-fish-handshake. Why couldn't I write this node..? I thought I should have been hurt, or mad as hell, but as hard as I tried I continued to feel nothing. Then it hit me... "holy crap... I don't care." I can't write about feelings I wouldn't have had, even if I did have feelings... not even for an interesting story.

Zot-fot-piq's insight for the evening was 'things' do not have to be so difficult... I didn't follow his context, but it made a lot of sense in my dilemma. (if one person says ANYTHING about "di-lemmanaid" I am just gonna snap) It's amazing how sometimes, it just comes down to making a simple decision. I am not going to force myself into thinking I should, or would have hurt feelings... my pain is not cool, because it doesn't exist... F'you, brain... you lose.

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