A political dissident, a member of Taiwan's pro-independence DPP (Democratic Progressive Party), a Taiwan nationalist. He served as mayor of Taipei, and his notable accomplishments including outlawing prostitution and enforcing the cleanup of the red-light district, as well as improving traffic and cracking down on corruption. He narrowly defeated both independent James Soong (ousted from the KMT) and the KMT's Lien Chan in Taiwan's 2000 presidential election, ending the rule of the KMT (Kuomintang, or Nationalist Party) and inciting the wrath of the KMT against Lee Tung-hui (current president and KMT chair) and the wrath of Soong supporters against the KMT, as well as creating a highly tense relationship with Beijing as the island awaits the mainland's reaction to this election; China's premier having already insinuated the potential for war had Chen been elected.

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