International News Headlines: 2:29am, Pacific Standard Time

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The International Herald Tribune (
Disaster in Jerusalem
Two suicide car bombing strikes were carried about by Palestinians on Friday; three attackers were killed and 56 Israelis were wounded.

Powell calls on Mugabe to conduct free vote
Secretary of State Colin Powell on Friday accused President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe of trying to cling to power and called for free and fair elections in the southern African country.

Senator's defection turns President onto unfamiliar terrain
Almost overnight, George W. Bush has been transformed from an aspiring Ronald Reagan, calling the tune for Congress, into a politician who risks becoming a fair replica of the often-frustrated president his father was.

Greenspan turns guardedly upbeat
Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Board chairman, said that the central bank's interest rate cuts this year were having their intended effect on the faltering economy, and he hinted that the most aggressive phase of the Fed's effort to ward off a recession might be over.

Megawati spurns Wahid on offer to share power
In a last-ditch attempt to fend off impeachment proceedings, President Abdurrahman Wahid on Friday offered to share some of his executive powers with his popular vice president, but her aides said she found the proposal insufficient and suggested that she would instead support a special legislative session aimed at removing Mr. Wahid from office.

A thorny path ahead for talks on Kashmir
Pakistan's cautious welcome to India's surprise invitation to begin talks on the disputed territory of Kashmir makes it quite likely that the leaders of the world's two newest nuclear powers will meet for the first time in more than two years.

BBC Online (
Labour warns on NHS
Labour says the NHS is at risk from £20bn of Tory cuts as the Conservatives keep the focus on Europe.

British Airways launches "air rage" crackdown
Passengers who are abusive to airport staff will be banned from flights under rules to be brought in by British Airways.

Arafat pleads for support
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat makes an impassioned plea for the Arab world to support his people at an emergency meeting of Islamic nations.

Protest over carcass burial site
People living near a UK foot-and-mouth burial pit are stepping up their protest over possible health risks from the site.

The New York Times (
Congress agrees on details for a $1.35 trillion tax cut
Under the legislation, everyone who filed an income tax return this year will receive a rebate check. Final votes are scheduled for today.

Russia sees payoff in storing nuclear waste from around the world
Despite some strong opposition, Russia is preparing to open its borders to become the largest international repository for radioactive nuclear wastes.

In Mexico, grim resolve after deaths
So many have lost their lives crossing into the promised land that some in Mexico were simply numbed by news of the deaths of 14 more migrants abandoned in the Arizona desert.

China Daily (
US blasted for backing Dalai's separatist activities
The Human Rights Society of China published an article Friday, lashing out at the United States for its support of Dalai clique's separatist activities.

AmCham in HK voices optimistic on NTR renewal for China
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham) on Friday expressed optimistic about the prospects for the US unconditional renewal of Normal Trade Relations (NTR) for China.

China opposes US interference with internal affairs
Chinese Ambassador to the United States Yang Jiechi has been instructed to make solemn representations with the US government with regard to the US side allowing Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan transit visits to the United States.

China's success in Osaka to help Beijing's Olympic bid
China's continuing success at the East Asian Games will help Beijing's bid to stage the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, a senior Chinese sports official said Saturday.

S.Korea urges Japan for action over textbook row
South Korea told Japan on Saturday to take "visible" steps to resolve a bitter dispute over Japanese history textbooks which critics say gloss over Tokyo's wartime aggression.

Panapress (
Jammeh clocks 36, launches website
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Friday celebrated his 36th birthday by launching a website with view of popularising information technology and to create political awareness among the people.

Rebels kill 10, wound four in Burundi
Burundian rebels have allegedly killed at least ten persons and wounded four others in an ambush against a military vehicle in the Mitakataka locality (Bubanza province, north-west), informed sources in the region said.

Burundi deports 105 Congolese nationals
Burundi on Friday deported some 105 ""illegal"" immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), official sources said in Bujumbura.

Liberia says Guinean artillery killed commander
Defence minister Daniel Chea Friday said that a ""senior"" Liberian army commander has been killed by Guinean army artillery attack on Liberian territory.

The Moscow Times (
Putin wins vote to limit parties
A bill that could wipe out most of Russia's political parties was passed in the second reading Thursday.

Russia tries to get off black list
The Duma has given tentative approval to an effort to take the country off a money-laundering black list.

Mr. Chubais goes to Washington
UES chief Anatoly Chubais met with U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington this week.

Putin pledges gold for flood victoms
President Vladimir Putin on Thursday toured the area Siberia that has been devastated by floods and promised to find federal funds to help rebuild the region's damaged homes.