Not much has happened yet today.

<BABBLE TYPE="Boring" TOPIC="Voting">

Looking at the node tracker: Someone seems to be downvoting my old day- and dreamlogs. I mean, old.

I think those people must be pretty, uh, desperate. For couple of days now, I've been able to get rid of every vote I've been given, and that has involved NO daylog votedumping, I've just been voting "normally". (Tip for the uninitiated: I have 105 daily votes.)

Kids, there's no reason to votedump. I would guess I haven't yet voted about for most of the writeups in the database. Keep your eyes open.

(The reason for being able to do that was that I have a direct 'net connection from the work... It has always been hard on a dialup. =)


Oh, and I like the E2 Chatterbox Archive. More and more cool noding tools. Always good.

Today's job: Uh, I need to make a LilyPond version of Stones. I finally found a good nice printed score a few days back, but that was in MusicTeX format...


Done Usenet. Maybe I should try some games now.

It's weekend, after all...


Umm, the goddamned bread baking doesn't seem to work in Exult, even after several tries...


Okay, so Exult isn't perfect. I did what everyone else would do: If the game cheats me, I cheat the game. Don't worry, I will do this in "ethical limits." No Ctrl+M unless the game fails to give me money - like it did now...

I got an Avatar costume, went to act the Avatar's part... well, the problem was, the director obviously didn't think I was too Avatar-like. (I can hear Charlie Chaplin laughing at me from beyond the grave... =)

I saw a cool-looking creature in the forest...

"Ah! What a cute widdle foxie-woxie!"

- RalphyK, mother nature


I'm trying to make a thing I've wanted for some while now: THE Ultima Collection. I'm collecting all Ultimas I have on same CD-ROM. This includes Ultima 1-6 (from the infamous Encore distribution - I need to download a terabyte of manuals and patches to get this baby fly), The Complete Ultima VII, Ultima VIII (the Super Avatar Brothers), Ultima Underworld, Savage Empire (copyright note from the manual: "...reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited, and punishable by sending a Tyrannosaurus Rex to eat your mother.")... that's all I have, all I'm missing is UW2 and Martian Dreams. Some of these games I've never played. =)

I also included a directory called "Commodore 64 WaR3z" that has l33t 0-dAy WaR3z versions of the parts 1-6 (Yeah, I know, the U6 for C64 sucks, but the rest of the parts are better than PC versions)... Technically, I don't own these, but since I already have the "legal" PC versions and C64 versions are no longer sold, I think I have my right.

And all stuff copied... the grand total...

176 megabytes.

This is what I call an "explosive package"! Lots of bang for your byte =)

Now, onward to find the U1-6 manuals and patches...


Oh yeah, forgot to mention: The Fellowship in Ultima VII now, yes, reminds me of Scientology. At least in one thing: Both have "do I need this church?" style of questionnaire that is rigged to say the individual needs the church. (I mean, Batlin asked me whether I'd be more likely to kill a dog that attacks myself or someone else, and when I said someone else, he said I'm an ├╝berviolent person and need immediate care...)

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