I went to the emergency room today. I hobbled along and sat down in a proffered chair in front of a registration counter, and proceeded to mindlessly recite my identification information and describe the nature of my serious ailment. I thought my right foot might be broken, and after three days of being unable to walk I finally sought professional advice. Yes, it hurt like a bitch, and yeah, I knew there was something wrong. The bruise has been rapidly expanding, starting just below my ankle and encompassing my entire foot, and later my lower leg as well. It’s a rainbow of colors, ranging between light blue and an almost black dark purple.

How did it happen? It’s a simple story. On Wednesday I was running down the hall towards the performing arts center at school, late as usual. I was with Kelly, my piccolo soul mate, who was not far behind me. I turned around to tell her to hurry, and to my dismay, my wobbly platform shoes gave way. I landed with my entire 130 pounds plus gravity centered directly on my fifth metatarsal on the side of my right foot. It cracked audibly. Kelly heard it, I heard it. Then we started laughing.

So one of my metatarsals cracked in half. No big deal, right? Wrong. It bled like a mofo, creating the hugest bruise I’ve ever been witness to. I hopped on my left foot the rest of the way to the auditorium and somehow managed to force myself to walk up onstage to receive my Academic Boosters award along with the other senior nerds. It’s a good thing I had a long list of credentials to read off, cuz it took me quite some time to make it to the stage.

Graduation is in one week. The trip my friends and I have been planning all year to Cedar Point is in two weeks. I’ll be in a frickin’ cast for six weeks to two months. It’s not so bad, except I can’t drive. I can’t walk. I can’t sit normally without my poor foot going numb. But on the bright side, at least it’ll be off before orientation at U of M in August if everything goes as well as it’s supposed to. In the mean time, I’ve got me some vicodin and ice cream.

Don't run in platforms.
Feet break easily.

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