I woke up at 9am this morning, after my father (visiting from Tamworth) burst into my room and said/ yelled: "Come on, when are we going grocery shopping?" To which I replied, quite testily, "I said I'd be up at 10!". Nice work when he's taking me and my sister shopping, and he usually buys enough to last us a month.

Later, we go shopping. We buy enough foodstuffs to last us a month. What a surprise. (Thanks Dad!)

We go to a furniture place and I put down a layby on a new hallstand. What's with my sudden interest in decorating our house, when for so long it's just been an old bottle collection, second hand furniture and a tiny tv? Meh. I'm getting old. Making my nest nice .

Tonight we went to the pub with Dad, and I had 2 vodkas, two Baltiks and an Illusion. On the way home (only 2 blocks away, but we're lazy!) I get pulled over by the police. As soon as I see the blue and red lights reflecting off my rearview, I know I'm stuffed.
"Fuck, I'm so fuckin fucked... Fuck this, oh my god fuck..." ... you get the picture.
The cop finally gets out of the car and approaches me.
"Good evening. Are you drunk?"
/me, giggling like an idiot, because according to NSW law I'm not allowed to have even one drink in a night: "No!"
The cop: "No need to sound so disappointed! Please blow into this..."
The deed is done. I blow into the bag and my heart is racing. A million thoughts are going through my mind. Every possible scenario races past: I'm going to jail, I'm losing my license, I'll never get to be a journalist now (?!). But the thing that finally happened didn't occur to me at all:
"That's fine. Have a good night."
I can't believe it. My friends in the car can't believe it. I should have been dragged out of the car, kicking and screaming. I should have had to have gone into the police station. I should have been caught.

We drive to our friend's home around the corner, shocked. When we arrive, a large amount of alcohol is had by many, to toast my successful getaway/ the cop's leniency/ the cop's stupidity. Either way, I'm not complaining. My friend says that I only got away with it because I'm a girl. I don't know. I guess we'll never know("Excuse me, Officer, I'm pretty drunk, and I was just wondering why you let me go like that... just wondering!" Hmm, maybe not).

I learnt one lesson today. Don't drink and drive. The heart palpitations just aren't worth it.

/end moral story