Dream Arguing with my father about something. It turns into a fight and it turns out I'm stronger than him. He is furious but I can handle him.

Wake up

Doesn't take a genius to figure this one out, does it ?

It's 7:00 am where I live. I've been up for half an hour, and I can't get the feel of them off my body.


It was one of those dreams that you wake up in your dream... I knew it wasn't my bed for some reason though. I had just woken up in the dream, and I moved my head slightly and saw spider sitting on the wall. It was about 2 inches long and looked like a mini-tarantula. Then there was another one... on the bed, close to my pillow... Another, crawling down my arm... All I can do is whisper "Help" over and over again. FInally my mother came and pulled me out of the bed.

Every time anything brushes my leg or my arm today is going to produce some frantic, get-it-the-hell-off-me brushing activity. Can you tell that I'm an arachnophobe?

I was Inspector Gadget and we all gathered and decided to create a race of mice/humans.. crazy mice with amazing capabilities. There were other main character boss types from other cartoon shows like The Raccoon's. Cedric and Bert were there (both from The Raccoon's), as was Ceril Sneer.

We had a race but I had no idea what the point of the race was at first. There was someone that reminded me of Darth Vader chasing after me as the Inspector. (I'm thinking it might have been Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget but when I finally saw him near the end he looked like someone in Vader's clothes but with an almost amiable grin..) I kept saying "Go Go Gadget rocket boosters", and they never seemed to kick on properly I was always going kind of slow. I used the gadget helicopter once, too. Every time this Darth Vader guy got close enough to me, a red laser beam would shoot out and I'd have to back away. It was like a dreamland video game.. I think I got hit by the laser once and it just slowed me down.

About half way through the race, I stopped in at the place were a guy that reminds me of the one in Jurrasic Park who sabotaged everything was trying to get the key (the key is what the winner of the race would get), he was using a pair of vice grips. So I said "Go Go Gadget hand!" and snapped the key away from him. Then I put the key in and turned it.. it activate some things, I knew I shouldn't have been doing it yet but I did anyway because everyone else seemed to be the "bad guys". I noted that as I turned the key there were different things activating in different areas of what looked sort of like the Evergreen Forest from The Raccoon's. Knox (the rich crocodile from that show) was involved too.

After I turned the key I decided that it was time to get out of there (it had been dark 90% of that time, we just flew around a house and threw it in complete darkness and somehow called it a race). I put on my gadget rockets and tried to leave but once again, so slow and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I zoomed (achingly slowly) over to a clump of grass and hid behind it. Some people were coming so I moved to the side of a fancy white car. It turns out the car was being driven by Bert and Cedric, who were apparently my friends so I was glad until I heard Bert saying something to the effect of me being killed when they got back by the other people in "the race". Also of note, they were driving like lunatics.. and Bert asked Cedric if he even knew how to drive and before he could answer two girls in the backseat said, "We don't have to know how to drive, we're blondes!". I have no idea where that came from.. they were wearing skimpy bathing suits and fondling themselves. (heh?) I don't remember anything after that point..

If I spelled any character names wrong or something feel free to /msg me. :)
fragment 1

. . . .I am calling up my connection. He says he will come over to soon.

Soon, there is a banging at my back door. I look out the kitchen window--it is the kitchen and backdoor of the house I lived in between the ages of 9 and 14; I didn't know what a connection was, then.

A woman is standing out there. She is holding an armful of big leaf weeds, like she was going on a date--plaintains, or something--not what I was expecting. She makes like she is my connection, which she is not, and I make like I don't know what is happening.

Finally, she leaves.

There is a banging and other great noises in the driveway along which she, and apparently other cops are moving. I am inside the same childhood house--now I am in the livingroom.

The phone rings. It is the chief of police, saying, he knows all about me, and he isn't going to rest until he gets me. . . .

fragment 2

. . . . I am in my father's apartment. I am uneasy but I’m not sure why. I have made myself a ham sandwich, and am eating it in the livingroom.

My father comes in. He picks up the sandwich...and throws it down. He asks, Do I know that they say Jews are everywhere? He is very angry.

It is as if he is demanding whether I am prepared. . . .

I dreamed last night that I was in an apartment with thisgirl. We where having a candle light dinner and drinking wine. I think we where celebrating my 21 birthday because I wasn’t worried about getting caught for drinking.

I work up around 5:30am. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to go back to sleep. I had a second dream last night. This time I was playing video games with my younger brother. We where playing a game I had never played before. It was a platform game, but it was with Capcoms Street Fighter characters. One person played as the good guy and the other controlled all the bad guys. I remember getting very mad at him because he was kicking the crap out me. I don’t like losing. And I really don’t like losing to him. I threw down the controller and marched off. After that I woke up again. This time it was 7:45 and time to get up.

I dreamed of a production of Angel, a musical which seemed to be a cross between jesus christ superstar and dogma and the best christmas pageant ever. At first it was a big time production and I was watching: a chorus of singers in front of a christmas tree, mostly male, some retarded. Cut to a scene in a bedroom. Judas appears at all four corners of a four poster bed. the startled inhabitant, perhaps the devil, gets over it and multiplies himself by four as well. They stare at each other, a face-off. Cut. I am in a loft apartment where some friends live. Ivar and Tove and Jeremy. Jeremy has bright yellow dishes, some of them get broken when we/he accidentally/not tip them off the fence at the back, in to the lane which happens to be East Hastings Street. I warn joe against playing with the broken glass: this is hastings street, and half of it is liable to be contaminated with used syringes and cat pee. There's a couch on the first floor. People have left three toothbrush caddies and accompanying teethbreesh there. On the top floor, I go to the kitchen. Tove drives out in a small green car that wouldn't have fit in the kitchen. "Ha HA!" I laugh. "How did you manage that?" "Oh, native talent!" She winks and continues driving, turning right and heading downstairs. We're all back on the main floor, practicing a song from Angel: Aeon Fear. The tenors don't quite hit it, but I felt confident that I've learned my part: an alto with a side role as Swedish Girl #1. Cut. I'm in the auditorium of my old high school. The set looks like the set for A Chorus Line: black and plain. There are a few risers at the edge of the stage for singers. Mr. Burger is directing. There's a lengthy kafuffle on stage about where should my bags go. The scene starts out with my character falling off stage, being knocked unconscious, and babbling in pseudo-swedish when someone comes to help. "I don't want to fall off stage!" I say, looking down the four foot drop in apprehension. It's okay, I just have to jump stealthily, and no one will look over until they hear me moan. We go through the scene. I don't speak in a swedish accent as indicated in the script, but my improvised lines seem to meet the director's approval. Back on stage, readying to practice songs. Stephen Price (not vincent price!) appears out of nowhere! That's okay. He's in the section ahead of me. His hair wavers from short to long to his normal grade nine style. We discuss the script and agree that Aeon Fears is probably the only good song. He can't make it to the final performance, but he loves singing so much he's going to attend all the practices. It's unclear whether there's an understudy for his role in training. We start the scene again. Wait! Stop everything! Mr. Burger has sneakily added an iron railing to the risers. It's now six feet tall - no way am I jumping. Steve offers to jump instead. I briefly consider the physics of me picking him up and throwing him (apparently I don't think he can jump on his own?) and decide to complain to Mr. Burger instead of accepting his offer. Besides, he doesn't look swedish. (And I do?)

As I wake up, I'm vaguely convinced that I've gone back in time to when I was 13 in grade eight, but with my current memories. I wonder briefly whether going to visit the grade-eight version of my boyfriend would be fun, or whether it would just really really creep him out.

It was not that he was a dangerous man, rather a volatile combination of all the bad aspects of all the good men I've known. We were both tense about it and the air was ready to crack.   Was he going to kiss me? Yes.   Would I stop him? Oh, no.

Skyler took me to a complicated apartment building to show me the couches and the pond. I pretended to have been there lots of times before. We never did find the couches. The pond was unimpressive. Something about us was shy for no reason and we decided to drive to Florida. I gathered everyone around a table and told them they'd have to be each other's role models in our absence, they'd have to make do.

The bus rocked me to sleep, remembering other buses. The a.c. was too cold on my face so I pulled my sweater up and snuggled into the warm upholstery. I didn't know where I was going but the bus always knew. People tried to talk to me but I was far too busy.

I enter the dream and I'm tumbling in some sort of microgravity environment. As I work my way through a tiny tube, I realize I'm on some form of space station, and the tube is a sneaky way of getting from one section of the station to another.

I'm being sneaky because the station is actually a world unto itself, with nations and customs and border guards. The whole works. I'm trying to find out why the Slee are massing a fleet, which are Centauri in design but are far more elaborately painted, outside the central gathering place of one of the nations.

This place is a large, squarish building, with one wall (about a half mile tall) constructed of a clear material. Everyone's staring at these huge spaceships congregated outside. It's an awesome sight. The Slee themselves look like any other human or alien race on the station, except their brains sit exposed on top of their heads.

I discover that the Slee are merely providing a diversion. It appears that Emperor Londo Mollari is trying to get across the border quietly and the Slee have agreed to provide a huge diversionary tactic to accomplish this.

I'm smuggling in a passport with a fake visa for the Emperor. There's a part of the dream where I acquire this visa, but I'm fuzzy on the details. All I remember is the coinage used on the station is far more attractive than any money I've seen used on Earth.

The mission is a success, and I help Mollari get to his own nation. My success draws the attention of Kevin Smith who becomes my lover. I'm immediately tasked with finding financing for his new company.

I try to find it at a funhouse on the station. This funhouse is roughly the size of Los Angeles, and is filled with people I recognize, though everyone I recognize is about fifteen years older than I think they should be. My memory of their physical appearance is somehow superimposed over their actual body like a hologram of some kind, making it difficult to tell which person is the correct one I need to talk to.

I'm under some sort of time constraint, as the funhouse will blow up if I don't get Kevin's money in a set amount of time. I wake up with ten seconds left to complete my task. Which is extremely frustrating, because I almost had the contracts signed.

Dream the second: I made a decision to go back to bed to try and finish this dream. Instead, I dreamed about some sort of public excoriation by a bunch of cute Bomar security guards. This demonstration was to try and exorcise gay sentiment from one of their number.

It involved a lot of gay porn and pickles. Also a lot of women bashing each other on their (helmeted) heads with polo mallets.

I hate my subconscious sometimes.

It was short and sweet...

For some reason, me and all my friends at the Riverdale Gazebo were having a part or something at a skating rink. I'm rolling along, taking it nice and slow (even in my dreams I'm uncoordinated :P ) when I meet up with my friend Emily. We joke about how lousy we both are on skates and are having a good time anyway. Well, as we're rounding the bend back towards the snack bar and such we gave each other a kiss. I can't even remmember why.

Anyway, we get off the floor and walk over to the snack bar, where we all get sodas and such. I sit down with Emily's boyfriend and we're chatting, and he says "Can you do me a favor?"

I said sure. He said "Don't kiss my girlfriend Matt. I like her, and I don't appreciate someone walking in on that."

Now he's really does like Emily alot, but I also like her. What's a guy to do? I'll just have to wait and see what develops, but I still feel that I'm missing out on something in the years that are going to have the biggest impact on me.

I'm working for the post office again, and I'm being re-trained to be a letter carrier. Russell Crowe (of Gladiator fame) is my trainer. We're wandering around NE Portland delivering mail, and suddenly he pulls me into a backyard and we start making out. I woke up. I went back to sleep after a while, and I don't remember any other dreams.

I don't know what the deal is with all these semi-erotic dreams lately. Weird.

I was sitting at lunch, at high school, and for some reason, my mom had given me a bag full of cheese for lunch. At the time it made sense, even though two things I now realize were very odd: 1) the cheese wasn't cheese, it was slightly red roast beef and 2) why was she giving me just cheese? I remember pulling it out of the bag and placing the pieces somewhere (the slices of beef were so tender and looked so savory, yet I knew they were cheese, though I also expected them to have the texture and taste of medium rare roast beef, and it was cheese) when my friend Carlo made some remark I didn't hear, and I rolled my eyes, assuming he was going on about his job as a deli cheese slicer.

Next thing I know it's dark outside and I'm near some sort of a building. It had gates--almost reminded me of the entrances to theme parks. Although it was dark, it was daytime. It wasn't that it was stormy, it was just dark--that's just the way it was. I saw some sort of a dog on a second story, by a rail overlooking everyone below. It was a family's son, I think, though it was some sort of dog or human. Not some sort of freaky combination, but rather, a dog that was regarded as human, no questions asked. I saw this girl I knew from last year's Spanish class, and though we didn't say hi I heard her speaking to a guy she was interested in, and she sighed and had to leave as she found her family had gone back to get her brother and were ready to leave. "Can I," she said, upon joining her family, "see him?" She was referring to her brother.

Next thing, I was in some sort of outer space outpost. There were some sort of malevolent aliens or robots or something. Then, I remember being in a room, with tables and chairs. We were seated at the white table. All of a sudden someone shot one of the people who was with us, the person fell to the ground, dead, and another image of them reappeared just next to the dead body. Supposedly, the person who had died was really an alien, and was just a superficial rendition of the original person. The person who reappeared was the original person, safe and sound. Next, another of my friends began talking, yet we, for some reason, knew that he was an alien, too. We shot him, and got the original friend back. I started talking to my girlfriend, sitting next to me. She looked just like my girlfriend's best friend, yet I addressed her and acted as if she were my girlfriend, even calling her my girlfriend's name. We then got a sneaking suspicion that she wasn't human but rather alien, so we were going to shoot her when she began trying to pursuade me into having sex, or fooling around, or. something.

Being a guy, I really had trouble deciding what to do. If she's offering me sex, how is she alien? Why is she offering me sex? Should we shoot her? Is this worth it? Is it worth losing sex? I didn't realize at the time that my real girlfriend would appear just next to the dead body, were we to shoot her. Or maybe I did. Maybe I knew that if we got my girlfriend back, she wouldn't so eagerly want to have sex with me (in real life, we're both virgins). But then, if I had sex with this being, wouldn't it be adultery?

End of dream.

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