It's 7:00 am where I live. I've been up for half an hour, and I can't get the feel of them off my body.


It was one of those dreams that you wake up in your dream... I knew it wasn't my bed for some reason though. I had just woken up in the dream, and I moved my head slightly and saw spider sitting on the wall. It was about 2 inches long and looked like a mini-tarantula. Then there was another one... on the bed, close to my pillow... Another, crawling down my arm... All I can do is whisper "Help" over and over again. FInally my mother came and pulled me out of the bed.

Every time anything brushes my leg or my arm today is going to produce some frantic, get-it-the-hell-off-me brushing activity. Can you tell that I'm an arachnophobe?