He was born on April 7, 1964 in New Zealand.

Russell Crowe is an amazingly versatile actor whose work has garned him numerous honors and comparisons to screen idols such as Edward Norton and Marlon Brando.

What makes Crowe remarkable is his impressive range as an actor. He first came national attention playing a skinhead in 1993's controversial film Romper Stomper and followed that performance by playing an introvert homosexual in The Sum of Us.

He became nationally recognizable to American audiences playing opposite Kim Bassinger in L.A. Confidential and as an FBI informant in The Insider for which he recevied an Academy Award nomination.

Part of Russell's appeal is is off-camera behavior, which has made him a bad boy of sorts. During this year's Academy Awards telecast, Russell looked bored and pissy. He frequently belittles journalists, has on more than one occassion gotten into fistfights with fellow cast members, is notorious for arguing with directors and once pulled a gun on a set stylist. Unlike Puff Daddy people seem to love Russell more for his non-model behavior. Don't you just love double standards!

Russell has also made several inroads into the Hollywood elite. He calls Scientologists Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman good friends and is rumored to be the father of Jodie Foster's baby.

*source: MrShowbiz

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