30 Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG) is a bluesy/folky rock band from Australia famous for having the actor Russell Crowe as their lead. They currently have in release three CD's (The Photograph Kills, What's Her Name, and Gaslight) and a single (Inside Her Eyes).

Their music is pretty good for the style, but I'm not impressed with Crowe's singing. He really doesn't have a singing voice, it's the same as in his films. He doesn't act like Shatner did, but I think Bruce Willis sang better than Crowe. I can't really think of anymore actors who have bands to compare him to. If you'd like to hear for yourself, check them out on Napster or their site at Gruntland.

*Current Events* - TOFOG will be recording a new album in July/August in Austin, TX, with a "bonus" of three shows in Austin at Stubb's BBQ

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