I enter the dream and I'm tumbling in some sort of microgravity environment. As I work my way through a tiny tube, I realize I'm on some form of space station, and the tube is a sneaky way of getting from one section of the station to another.

I'm being sneaky because the station is actually a world unto itself, with nations and customs and border guards. The whole works. I'm trying to find out why the Slee are massing a fleet, which are Centauri in design but are far more elaborately painted, outside the central gathering place of one of the nations.

This place is a large, squarish building, with one wall (about a half mile tall) constructed of a clear material. Everyone's staring at these huge spaceships congregated outside. It's an awesome sight. The Slee themselves look like any other human or alien race on the station, except their brains sit exposed on top of their heads.

I discover that the Slee are merely providing a diversion. It appears that Emperor Londo Mollari is trying to get across the border quietly and the Slee have agreed to provide a huge diversionary tactic to accomplish this.

I'm smuggling in a passport with a fake visa for the Emperor. There's a part of the dream where I acquire this visa, but I'm fuzzy on the details. All I remember is the coinage used on the station is far more attractive than any money I've seen used on Earth.

The mission is a success, and I help Mollari get to his own nation. My success draws the attention of Kevin Smith who becomes my lover. I'm immediately tasked with finding financing for his new company.

I try to find it at a funhouse on the station. This funhouse is roughly the size of Los Angeles, and is filled with people I recognize, though everyone I recognize is about fifteen years older than I think they should be. My memory of their physical appearance is somehow superimposed over their actual body like a hologram of some kind, making it difficult to tell which person is the correct one I need to talk to.

I'm under some sort of time constraint, as the funhouse will blow up if I don't get Kevin's money in a set amount of time. I wake up with ten seconds left to complete my task. Which is extremely frustrating, because I almost had the contracts signed.

Dream the second: I made a decision to go back to bed to try and finish this dream. Instead, I dreamed about some sort of public excoriation by a bunch of cute Bomar security guards. This demonstration was to try and exorcise gay sentiment from one of their number.

It involved a lot of gay porn and pickles. Also a lot of women bashing each other on their (helmeted) heads with polo mallets.

I hate my subconscious sometimes.