I was sitting at lunch, at high school, and for some reason, my mom had given me a bag full of cheese for lunch. At the time it made sense, even though two things I now realize were very odd: 1) the cheese wasn't cheese, it was slightly red roast beef and 2) why was she giving me just cheese? I remember pulling it out of the bag and placing the pieces somewhere (the slices of beef were so tender and looked so savory, yet I knew they were cheese, though I also expected them to have the texture and taste of medium rare roast beef, and it was cheese) when my friend Carlo made some remark I didn't hear, and I rolled my eyes, assuming he was going on about his job as a deli cheese slicer.

Next thing I know it's dark outside and I'm near some sort of a building. It had gates--almost reminded me of the entrances to theme parks. Although it was dark, it was daytime. It wasn't that it was stormy, it was just dark--that's just the way it was. I saw some sort of a dog on a second story, by a rail overlooking everyone below. It was a family's son, I think, though it was some sort of dog or human. Not some sort of freaky combination, but rather, a dog that was regarded as human, no questions asked. I saw this girl I knew from last year's Spanish class, and though we didn't say hi I heard her speaking to a guy she was interested in, and she sighed and had to leave as she found her family had gone back to get her brother and were ready to leave. "Can I," she said, upon joining her family, "see him?" She was referring to her brother.

Next thing, I was in some sort of outer space outpost. There were some sort of malevolent aliens or robots or something. Then, I remember being in a room, with tables and chairs. We were seated at the white table. All of a sudden someone shot one of the people who was with us, the person fell to the ground, dead, and another image of them reappeared just next to the dead body. Supposedly, the person who had died was really an alien, and was just a superficial rendition of the original person. The person who reappeared was the original person, safe and sound. Next, another of my friends began talking, yet we, for some reason, knew that he was an alien, too. We shot him, and got the original friend back. I started talking to my girlfriend, sitting next to me. She looked just like my girlfriend's best friend, yet I addressed her and acted as if she were my girlfriend, even calling her my girlfriend's name. We then got a sneaking suspicion that she wasn't human but rather alien, so we were going to shoot her when she began trying to pursuade me into having sex, or fooling around, or. something.

Being a guy, I really had trouble deciding what to do. If she's offering me sex, how is she alien? Why is she offering me sex? Should we shoot her? Is this worth it? Is it worth losing sex? I didn't realize at the time that my real girlfriend would appear just next to the dead body, were we to shoot her. Or maybe I did. Maybe I knew that if we got my girlfriend back, she wouldn't so eagerly want to have sex with me (in real life, we're both virgins). But then, if I had sex with this being, wouldn't it be adultery?

End of dream.