I dreamed last night that I was in an apartment with thisgirl. We where having a candle light dinner and drinking wine. I think we where celebrating my 21 birthday because I wasn’t worried about getting caught for drinking.

I work up around 5:30am. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to go back to sleep. I had a second dream last night. This time I was playing video games with my younger brother. We where playing a game I had never played before. It was a platform game, but it was with Capcoms Street Fighter characters. One person played as the good guy and the other controlled all the bad guys. I remember getting very mad at him because he was kicking the crap out me. I don’t like losing. And I really don’t like losing to him. I threw down the controller and marched off. After that I woke up again. This time it was 7:45 and time to get up.