Jean Baudrillard thought of theme parks as places which define reality, at least in America, by exclusion. As long as we have Disneyland to point to and say "THAT is fantasy" we can believe in the reality of our ordinary lives in absurd places like Los Angeles. This is why we see such a proliferation of theme parks in Southern California in his view--they function as reality anchors.

Theme park metanode and unofficial quest

There are hundreds of theme parks around the world, but remarkably few have been noded. I am not a god or editor-type-person, but I will promise to C! any good theme park nodes that are written here on E2. What we want? Well: When did it open? Where is it? How do you get there? What is its theme? How much does it cost to get in? When is it open? What age group is it aimed at? What kind of rides does it have? If you have been to the park: What was it like?
Send me a /msg with a hardlink to the park, and I will add it to this node and shower it in love

Stuff you can find in amusement parks (and on E2)

Computer games involving amusement parks

Stuff that relates to amusement parks:

Theme Parks

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United States of America








New Zealand


Persian Gulf

South Africa


*) could do with a more extensive writeup
#) has no writeup on E2 yet

Obviously, this is work in progress. I like theme parks, but I don't like hundreds of people standing in lines, which is what theme parks usually are. Besides, I have not been to all the world's countries, and there are probably hundreds of parks I have not even heard about. And that is where you come in! Node a park, and send me a /msg, so I can add it here :) All other suggestions are also welcome.

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